Work Art Into Your Bathroom and Don’t be Afraid!
treniqblog | April 12, 2016

We at Treniq are proud to announce our first guest writer – Jason Scott, Callender Howorth Design Studio. Jason talks about an important issue for interior designers – bathrooms – and how to work art into your bathroom in a hassle-free manner.

Don’t be Afraid to Work Art Into Your Bathroom

Failing to recognise the design potential of the bathroom is an anachronism of contemporary interior architecture. No longer does the bathroom need to be a forgotten room that is afforded no character of its own; no longer should it be neglected as an after-thought in the design process; no longer should we leave bathroom walls beige and bathroom floors unimposing. Trendy bathrooms seem to characterise modern interior design and it’s about time that you paid attention to their design potential.

Transform bathrooms with luxury art from Treniq


UK interior designers, Callender Howorth, created two bold bathrooms in one of their latest creations, a stylish, chic Nice apartment. One of the spaces, an en-suite bathroom that flows seamlessly from the master bedroom, is adorned with a bold artwork to maximise the effect of its décor. The statement art piece greets visitors immediately and is accentuated by a modest shaded wall. This, in turn, is complemented by a mesmerising floor design, which in itself is a work of art. The London-based interior designers even added a work of art to the shower area itself! An elegant sculpture hangs from the wall and provides a further visual feature. Contemporary fittings bring the bathroom to life and add a touch of luxury, evoking the feel of a stylish hotel, designed by an experienced professional. The room exemplifies how, when done properly, bathrooms can become a feature in their own right.

Bold bathroom artworks seem to be a recurring tenet of Callender Howorth’s interior design. Another of their projects, the Regents Park House, features a simplistic, minimalist bathroom design. The chic white surfaces are brought to life by an imposing red artwork at the far end of the room. The space is emphasised by strategic lighting around the bathtub. It goes to show that a piece of artwork in the bathroom can make the difference between plain and spectacular.


Transform bathrooms with luxury art from Treniq


Bathrooms are supposed to be a place to unwind. Whether recuperating in a warm bath or preparing for a night on the town, your bathroom space should reflect the mood you’d like to feel – at least in style, if not in appearance! Is it about time that you reassessed your bland bathroom wall space? Get creative with a paintbrush and canvas to bring your bathroom to life, rummage at the local antique store for an interesting feature piece or commission a local sculptor to create a masterpiece for you. Whatever the method, break the mould to redefine your forgotten room.


Transform bathrooms with luxury art from Treniq


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Transform bathrooms with luxury art from Treniq

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