Unforgettable Bar Units to Make Your Holiday Season Merrier
treniqblog | December 19, 2017

The holiday season calls for festive mood, great food and large amounts of alcohol to keep the merry spirit alive. When friends and family gather together to celebrate the season, there is only room for more fun and joy. While you drench your home in festive hues and warm tones, do not forget to amp the feel with bar units that complement your holiday celebration.



Go vintage this season with this double door ornate bar unit made of teak wood. Fine and elegant accents of gold and silver fill the creases. Laced with carvings this 18th century Rococo furniture is reminiscent of an era gone by. A lot of people are afraid to add vintage elements into contemporary homes in fear of the jarring contrast it might cause. In order to allow a vintage piece to fit in, you require either muted hues or predominantly vintage hues. Shades of Prussian blue and violets are a great place to start.



You can never go wrong with white and gold. When incorporated in small proportions, these colours spell elegance. The neat finish lends this bar unit a classy yet formal look. Golds and whites are indeed tricky shades to bring home but when used minimally, they can have a rather distinctly artistic appeal to them.



Quirky never goes out of style. In a drawing room full of regular furniture, it takes a quirky piece such as this one to make the whole room memorable. The harmonious yet unusual blend of golden honeycombs on a background of deep blue is that one piece of art that gives a room its character. This bar unit is classy yet urban and chic which makes it a great choice for people with a taste for the unique.


Wooden bar units are timeless and classy and minimalism can never go out of fashion. This stunning bar unit is adorned with small wooden blocks made to resemble the slopes along river Douro. Wooden pieces compliment almost all types of decors and are one of the easiest and smartest pieces you can pick. They juggle the vintage and classy look effortlessly.


You can opt to play it safe or you could challenge conventions and be the new trend setter. The one that breaks those set-in-stone rules will be remembered, just like this bar unit that defies all rules of bar units and dares to be extraordinary. Embossed copper and elegant wood lines complete this dramatic piece which is undoubtedly an eye turner. If unforgettable is what you are going for, then this bar unit can do that job for you!

Seasons Greetings!


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