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treniqblog | May 20, 2020

Easy-to-adopt white label solution to recreate your physical events online within days.

Monetise during and after a pandemic with a simple white label solution, catering from listing to trade,  that can help you take your physical events online. 

With the pandemic wreaking havoc, the events industry is currently struggling to find footing. Treniq has over the past few years worked very closely with many trade shows, exhibitions, events and conferences from a matchmaking capacity. 

digital event hosting

Schedule a demo & share your requirement

digital event hosting

Treniq works on your requested customisation

digital event hosting

Take your event live and manage it end to end

Features: Your Event, Your Customisation

Live within days

Get your white label event solution up and running in a matter of days. Simply schedule a demo and share your requirements with our experts.

Look exclusive, stay branded

Opt for a fully managed white label solution to retain your identity while you do what you are best at.

Bug free, hassle free

Pick between a set of competitive features including one-one video conferencing, meeting scheduler, webinar hosting, trade access, order management, payment gateways, delivery assistance and much more. 

Analytics & Tracking

Inbuilt tracking, managing and analytics system that gives you real time statistics about visits, registrations, participant categories, clicks, trade stats and all other data you require to strategise better.

Enrich your search

Comes embedded with SEO prompts in the backend of the portal to ensure you are found easily in searches!

Content is King

Share your latest event updates, trends and much more via the Integratable blog feature and make the user journey a seamless experience.

Automate, Automate, Automate!

Schedule CRMs based on user activities and behaviour and plan your entire marketing journey based on user actions. You can even customise reminders for your team or your visitors for just about anything. 

Complete the journey

Treniq helps your visitors not only access exhibitors and plan meetings with them but also provides you with a trade portal that enables easy ordering, payment and delivery tracking. 


Our technology is designed in such a way that we can adapt the same to just about any industry. Our technology is being showcased to industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and automotive to fashion and FMCG.

To know more about pricing and customisations, please email us or schedule a demo

About Treniq

Treniq  is an international interiors network where you can buy or sell luxury interior products, discover design professionals, connect and build relationships, trade using easy and efficient tools. Create your free trade account today or contact us for more information at [email protected].

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