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treniqblog | March 23, 2020

Is there a cost to use Treniq?

 There is no subscription fee to use Treniq

What categories can we source for on Treniq?

Treniq can help you source for over 80 categories ranging from furniture, lighting, decor, art, kitchens, bathroom & much more. 

How much discount can we get?

The trade discount is shared by the seller directly to the buyers on the Treniq platform. This is based on the order quantity or the discount agreement you have with the supplier. 

What is the return policy for delivered products?

 If the products delivered are faulty, the seller is obliged to replace the products. If a replacement is not possible, a refund will be arranged for. 

Do you provide installation assistance on site?

Treniq’s suppliers can provide installation assistance for most orders, but this is dependent on the order value. In addition, independent installer quotations can also be provided. 

Can we invite our own suppliers?

Yes, buyers can invite their own suppliers to discuss and negotiate on the platform. 

How do we get a guarantee from the sellers?

We always get some reference project images from the sellers that will help us vet the suppliers. For large scale orders, we would also recommend that the buyers visit the suppliers factories. 

Can the end client login and approve the products?

Yes. All buyers have their own access where they can login and chat with the seller directly. Buyers can manage their projects, with the support of an account manager if needed.

Can we only get quotations from sellers on Treniq?

No, buyers can invite your own sellers to give quotations on Treniq as well. 

Can buyers customise this to their own terms and conditions?

Yes, buyers can customise their own sourcing terms. The buyer needs to share this with us so we can customise their account.

If the designer passes only portion of the discount to the nal clients, can this be managed on the system?

 As of now, when you download the le, you can edit the discount and nal price you want to pass on to your clients before sending it to them. 

If the buyer has the specs (in pdf or excel format), how can they use Treniq to get the quotes

This is easy. We can upload all the speci cations on the platform in the same format as the specs sheet shared with us. Once these specs are created on the platform, all the sellers will be noti ed to submit the quotation in a systematic manner. 

Can the PO’s be created on the letterhead of a client or buyer’s company?

Yes, this can be done upon the clients’ request. 

Does Treniq have manufacturers for custom products?

 Yes, we do. While you can invite your own sellers, we can also request for quotations from sellers within our network. 

Why will a buyer not go directly to the seller if they know the seller – why use Treniq?

Treniq is a sourcing platform that makes sourcing cost e ective and convenient. From trending products to quote analysis to placing orders – it can all be managed in one place on Treniq, without any hassle. Most importantly our buyers also get order security and access to an end-to-end project management tool. 

About Treniq

Treniq  is an international interiors network where you can buy or sell luxury interior products, discover design professionals, connect and build relationships, trade using easy and efficient tools. Create your free trade account today or contact us for more information at [email protected].

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