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treniqblog | August 2, 2016

With a staggering amount of visitors coming to London each year, it’s easy to see why it is the most tourist-visited city in the world. Everybody wants to soak in the history, the regality, and the charm. But if one wants to view London in it’s true self, then they must stay in a true London luxury hotel. Sometimes it’s ok to splurge!




Admire these top luxury hotel projects in London



Started by William and Marianne Clardige in the 1800s, Claridge’s hotel is a true testament of British pomp with a modern twist. CW Stephens, the architect responsible for Harrods, developed the hotel’s original plan while it’s art deco transformation started in the 1920s and 30s. Today, popular interior designer Guy Oliver has maintained the reminders of a more dignified age with the need for modern innovation. Each room at Claridge’s is a world away from our realities and is the perfect example of being frozen in a grander time.



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Crystal Chandelier Decorative Crafts TreniqJulius-Wood-Armchair_Duistt_Treniq











The Savoy

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Called London’s most famous hotel, the Savoy was built by impresario Richard D’Oyly Carter in 1889. The hotel’s style is Edwardian on the riverside and completely art deco on the Strand side, making it a unique project. This mix and match of style is credited to interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. He has remained faithful to the original design of the hotel, but has given it a lighter and more glamorous touch with exquisite design details.



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Boundary Hotel

Top luxury hotel projects in London



The Boundary Hotel is the jewel of Shoreditch. Started by Sir Terence Conan in 2014, this hotel is for those lovers of art and admirers of design. Individual designers have designed each room, giving one the feeling of fine art and sophisticated taste. Also, a legendary designer or design movement, such as Young British, Bauhaus, Eileen Gray, or Le Corbusier, has inspired each room.



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