Tips To Make Your House Feel Like Home
Guest Blogger | August 19, 2019

Your responsibility as a mover doesn’t end once you hire the best moving company New York City and movers NYC; completing these tasks is just the beginning. After you’ve asked help from professionals, found your next home and pack all of your valuables properly, you now have to work on making your house feel like home after moving in. After all, you want your entire family to be comfortable in your new house, right?

Contrary to popular belief, making your house feel like home isn’t expensive or stressful. As long as you know what to do (and not to do), you can easily achieve that goal. Here are some simple tips to help you out:

Hang different types of art

Make Your house feel like home

Who says that art should only be placed in museums or galleries collecting dust? Today, different types of art can work well with different types of homes. If you want to spice up your new house, invest in art. This means looking for paintings, photos, or wall decals which you can place in different areas of the house. If your budget allows it, consider buying sculptures, too.

For a cheaper and personalized option, opt to make art on your own. Depending on your interests, you can paint your children, make a collage of your pets or showcase memorabilia from your wedding day. The more unique your art pieces are, the better.

 Display items that remind you and your family of your old home

Tips to make your house feel like home

You might be moving to your new house, but this doesn’t mean that you have to forget everything that happened in your old house. Even if you stayed in that house for a couple of months only, for sure, that place contributed to your growth. For the entire family to be reminded of your old house, bring old items in the new house with you. Board games, music boxes and a special piece of furniture can be excellent options. 

When you regularly use and see these items, living in a new house will become a breeze!

Always keep it clean

Tips to make your house feel like home

No matter how expensive or spacious your new house is, if it’s uncluttered and disorganized, no single family member would want to stay indoors. You might even feel the same way. If you’re looking for easy ways to make your new house feel and look cozy, always keep it clean. Designate storage space for all of your items and instruct all of your family members to do the same. Kids should be taught how to pack away their toys, and adults should also know how to clean after themselves (especially teens).     

Dishes should not be left in the sink for hours, clothes shouldn’t stay in the laundry for weeks and floors should always be shiny. Doing all of these tasks regularly will not only make your house feel like home; it will also prevent your family from experiencing common illnesses and diseases.

Surround yourself in softness

Whenever people hear the word comfort or homey, they would immediately think about softness. More often than not, individuals will associate a homey ambiance with a lot of pillows, linens, and couches. Having all of these things in one area can be very relaxing and peaceful. For you to achieve this mood, buy different types of throw pillows, and place them in your bedroom and living area. Throw pillows are great décor pieces because you can change its covers whenever you want to, without spending a lot.

You can also use a weighted blanket in order to relieve yourself from anxiety or stress. This bedding accessory can provide the perfect amount of pressure, allowing you to sleep comfortably for long hours.

Adjust Carefully 

Moving will require a lot of adjustment from you. This is especially true if you’re moving with children. To make the adjustment process easier for everyone, transform your new house. Make your family feel that they’re living a home away from home

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This article has been contributed by our guest blogger, Jane Spitz from Roadway Moving.

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