The Importance of Hotel Design
treniqblog | April 4, 2019

With a variety of clientele type, the hospitality sector is one of the hardest to master and nail in today’s world, mainly the hotel design. There are plenty of things to keep in mind ranging from location, pricing, staff and service and much more. However, what really tops this list is design. The very first impression of a hotel space is formed from the way it looks, right from the colours and furnishing to the touch and feel sensations.


Having partnered with some of the most coveted hotel design events globally and having worked on some of the best projects across Asia, Europe and UK, we have deciphered a few musts and must nots in this field.

Lobby Spaces

We all know what they say about first impressions and for a hotel it begins with the lobby. Based on circumstances a customer may spend from a few minutes to a few hours in a lobby space upon arrival. This little factoid makes it very crucial for a designer to make sure that those few precious moments spent here are impressionable. Comfortable seating, aesthetic surroundings, lavish space and brilliant colours are key to nailing the perfect lobby.

Lighting also plays a very large role in creating the luxe effect. All customers like to feel important, luxurious and well cared for and great lighting is just added comfort and luxury.



The most important part of  a hotel, is unarguably the room itself. From plush beds, armchairs, working tables, lighting, curtains and rugs to colour and comfort, this is the one place that has zero place for errors. Unique or the good old comfortable style, it is important to remember the three C’s: Clean, Comfortable and Convenient. A bedroom has to be an a home away from home for visitors.

Throw in some colours and unique designs to add the much needed oomph and character. Remember that the difference between a regular hotel and a memorable one is simply this.



Bathroom layout and design is also a very important focal point for many customers. It may come as no surprise to you that many visitors actually check the bathrooms when they get into their rooms. The logic is fairly simple, a bathroom is one space that is probably the hardest to keep pristine and clean. Thus a clean and well thought out bathroom space is a direct indicator of general comfort in the hotel.

Fresh towels and linen, spatial arrangement and amenities are a basic requirement. However, even the look and feel of this space is conducive in making a stay memorable.

Hotel Design Event: A VIP Partnership

We are very happy to announce our partnership with Hotel Design Event Portugal. HDE is a 2 day forum that brings together the most important specifiers, designers, architects and owners from the international hotel industry to meet face to face with the manufacturers and suppliers of solutions for this industry.

The format of the event combines pre arranged individual face to face meetings with relaxed and enjoyable networking and team building activities.

Treniq in collaboration with HDE is presenting a VIP Buyer Programme for our coveted buyers who will experience the show in an exclusive manner.  The show includes professional workshops and conferences, networking dinners and a lot of other events that are largely beneficial to the design industry!.

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