The Colour Book of 2020
treniqblog | November 21, 2019

The stunning Neo-mint colour is about to be named the 2020 Colour of the Year. With this exciting new shade, come dozens of ideas every designer is dreaming up. The buck doesn’t stop there though. Our designers are loving the top colour trends that are doing the rounds. A blend of beautiful pastels, earthy hues and energetic greens that are so versatile, they’re perfect for any space, modern and traditional.

Of course, there is no rulebook for the colours that will occupy most spaces in 2020, but here are our top favourites and the creative possibilities are endless. We hope these inspire you in some form, and if you want to speak to one of our designers, feel free to drop us a message here.


This stunning hue promises to bring character to any space.

neo mint color


It’s no secret yellow brightens up your space. Earthy and warm hues, this shade embodies joy and vibrancy. 

color trends 2020 interior design
mustard yellow interior design - Colour book 2020


Calm yet bold, these welcoming ocean blues is the perfect shade for contemporary interiors.

ocean blue interior design - Colour book 2020
ocean blue interior design - Colour book 2020


A designer’s go-to complementary hue for any dark shade. 

dusty lilac color - Colour book 2020
dusty lilac bedroom - Colour book 2020


In keeping with the earthy tones trend, this clay-toned hue adds the perfect finishing touches to any space.

earth tone clay - Colour book 2020
earth tone clay - Colour book 2020

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