The Christmas Essentials
treniqblog | December 24, 2018

Christmas is just around the corner and we simply love the season! It is the season of light, love and ample joy. To make this festive time more happy and glorious for you, we have put together our favourite colour tones and the absolute essentials this Christmas. You can have a golden Christmas or a silver one, but we have to tell you, we love them all.

It had to be our first choice because who does not like a dash or more of golden in their rooms? Festive seasons call for bling, shimmer and the golden glow and trust us, you can never go overboard with it.

But the more sophisticated ones prefer silver and we simply can’t complain! Silver is like the calmer cousin of golden. The shimmer is there but it is understated, elegant and graceful. We simply love how silver pairs with bold colours like white, black or even dark shades of navy and olive!

But if shimmer isn’t for you, the colours definitely are! Bring home a burst of colours with the veritable collection of must-have we simply cannot stop obsessing over! From candles to trays to mirrors and more, we love them all.

All things warm


The true meaning of Christmas is in the warmth. Right in the middle of Winter, it is only fair that we include ample warm textiles in this list. From gorgeous and plush cushions and throws to lush, furry and heartwarming rugs and fireplaces, these are your Winter must-haves in a nutshell.


What’s a Christmas without gifts? We have put together a collection of gifting solutions for friends and families that are fun, quirky and absolutely thoughtful.

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