The Art of Attracting Customers and Increasing Enquiries
treniqblog | February 19, 2018

As a seller on the Treniq platform, our number one goal is to ensure you receive enquiries. In order for this to happen, there are a few basic product listing guidelines we would like to take you through. Business exposure comes to those who invest time in finding out what is good for their products and what isn’t. On Treniq, your visibility completely depends on how you list products. Below is a checklist that will help you list better.


Why are Enquiries an important seller metric?

Enquiries are that metric that will aid sales on Treniq. The journey begins from how you list your product — clear images and great descriptions stand a high chance of receiving more enquiries. Once you receive an enquiry, the actions taken on the very enquiry is the next big step towards a successful conversion. An ideal 24 hours should be the response time to each enquiry and quote conversations. Only proactive sellers get to the end of the journey successfully.

What can you do to receive more enquiries?

Add Clear Photos

High resolution product images get 2X more enquiries in comparison to average quality ones. Moreover, providing more images of the same product in different angles is great strategy for an enhanced customer experience. When a buyer is able to see the product from various angles and when it is styled in a lifestyle image, the tendency to make a purchase is 1.8 times higher.

Name the Products Correctly

Define a clear and unique product name for each item to enhance discoverability. Suffix your product name with your brand name. Providing the name of the product at the end is also advised to make the search easier and to ensure that your product shows up when a buyer searches by product type. For example: Boyd Lounge Chair

Share Your Information

Increase your views and customer experience by adding a line or two as a description for the product. The more detail you provide about the product, easier and faster the purchase cycle becomes. Additionally, update the dimensions of the product as this is an essential piece of information your potential buyers can benefit from. Update all the colour details in your description or as a variation, to make manoeuvring easy for a customer and the purchase experience a pleasant one.

Keep Updating

Add products and launch collections periodically to make sure your customers come back for more. Update the catalogues with your latest collection and make them easily available so that your customer can download it at any given point in time. It is also advisable to update myGallery images to inspire buyers. myGallery is not simply a list of your products as is in the showroom. Instead this space can be used to show lifestyle images and projects which have used your products, thus inspiring a buyer.


Making your products show up instantly and list higher up is important for your showroom to be accessible. Some best practises are all the effort you will need to put in place so that your products become popular. 

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