The Armchair- A Versatile Piece of Furniture
Musheer Khan | May 27, 2015

We have all grown up reading classics where atleast one character was sitting in an armchair near the fireplace or there was someone looking out the window while sitting in the armchair in the den. And then there were those who enjoyed a cup of tea with biscuits while sitting in a comfortable armchair out in the porch or balcony. How nice it would be if you had an armchair in your living room that blended with the colours, and was perfect for that lazy evening? Place a stool or a table next to the chair to hold your drink or books, and you are set for the evening.

Some might call it a sofa, some might call it the armchair, either ways it is one piece of furniture that everyone has in their home or longs for. Over the years, the armchair has evolved in design and style, and today we see numerous styles available in the market. In today’s day and age, the armchair is all about a symbol of comfort and elegance. If you had to pick one for your home, which would it be? We present you with a range of options from our design experts:

Eanda Armchair by Brabbu 

Exuding opulence, the Eanda Armchair  has been crafted with inspiration from the matriarch of the Himba tribe where the children inherit wealth. The modern yet classic lines of this finely constructed piece create a pleasing profile for any living space and is a true reflection of the designer’s style. With its wide stance and soft velvet padding, this handsome chair is the ultimate in grandeur. The piece has been created with the most innovative material and techniques, which is what adds to its personality.

Eanda Armchair

Charline by Atelier

The Charline is a chair that attracts you at first glance. It comes with a wrap-around backrest that is high and semicircular. Ideal to unwind in, the chair makes quite a statement in the room it is placed in. The aesthetic image is brazen and eclectic contrast characterized by a floral decoration, which covers the entire exterior of the chair, is completely handmade with a mixture of chalk powder and hardener then painted and gilded. The designer duo focuses on reinventing style and decor of an entire space in private residences or high-profile luxury hotels with high emphasis on exclusive elegance. It is a chair that will have you feeling like a regal.

Charline by Ateleir Mo.Ba

Liberty Chair by BESSA

Another designer who creates fascinating pieces is BESSA. Their Liberty Chair is a chair that combines vintage style with modern sensibilities. Created with brass and cow leather from Normandy, the chair is the perfect addition for your living room. The sleek gold on all the armrest flowing to the backrest add to its elegance. 

Liberty Chair

Swivel Armchair Ingrid by Marioni

“Is it a sofa or a chair” is the first question that will pop into your head when you see the Swivel Armchair Ingrid. It is indeed an Armchair, but with a difference. From the house of Marioni, designers renowned for their creativity, craftsmanship and special design, this chair boasts of an on metal laminate base. It is available in different fabrics or leather covers as well. The bold black and grey panels on the seating with the gold base give it a distinguished look. It is an ideal armchair to spend hours enjoying a book or catching up on the news.

Swivel Armchair

 Sensuality Armchair by Bat Eye

Save the best for last. Well, we present the Sensuality Armchair, an armchair that exemplifies elegance, art and design from the design house Bat Eye. This designer is all about creating furniture that is a convergence of art and architecture. The noble wood upholstered in subtle cotton and silk tissue creates a stunning armchair that stands out in any indoor arrangement. A perfect combination of retro chic and modern sophistication shows off a blend of new technology with old joinery techniques that has gone into the creation of this piece. It is all about adding beauty and elegance to your home.

Sensuality Armchair
It is therefore not surprising to hear Kate Young, a renowned blogger say “…I don’t mind admitting that it is my dream house, a perfect mix of beautifully chosen antiques and designer pieces like the Alessandro Becchi Anfibio sofa, simply stunning!” when talking about this sofa on her blog .

1st Sofa on Kate Young2

Spoilt for choice?

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