Textures and Psychology : A Correlation
treniqblog | January 25, 2018

Human psychology and textures have been an intertwined area. Every kind of texture is associated to some personality, psyche or the mood of a person. Furthermore, we turn to certain types of fabrics when we have different emotional requirements.

People turn to smooth and soft textures when they are in need of some emotional reassurance. While harder and rougher surfaces are indicative of strength and masculinity. These surfaces derive their property from natural substances and are considered strong.


The texture preferences people have is also deep rooted in the psyche behind textures and what each stands for. It is often considered that velvets and silks are for the dainty. They are a sign of luxury and elegance. In the meantime coarse cottons are textures considered functional and easy to maintain.  

We have listed down 4 broad categories of textures and how they have a psychological impact on us.  

Smooth and Luxurious


Smooth is the texture that relates to pleasure. Running your hand through something smooth is pleasurable and an act one would resort to when they were content and at ease. Smooth is also the texture of love and romance. Velvets, silks and fur feature in the category of smooth textures. 

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Soft and Comfortable


There is in fact a very thin line between smooth and soft and quite often these lines blur. Soft texture is usually associated with comfort. Think cottons and linen, these are textures that are reassuring and relaxing. They are probably not idealistically luxurious but they sure are functional and indicative of an amicable set up. They are capable of establishing a sense of safety and calm.

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Rough and Rugged


Rough textures are often misconstrued as being associated to an aggressive personality. Quite on the contrary, rough textures are inviting and earthy. The textures imbibe a lot from already existing, natural textures around us. They appear warm and all withstanding. This texture is also indicative of longevity and durability as it lacks the fragility of smooth surfaces.

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Hard and Strong


Hard textures are indicative of strength. This category usually consists of wooden surfaces or stone based surfaces. Although rough and uninviting in their regular form, these surfaces when smoothened and polished are not only durable but also elegant.

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