Tables that Make a ‘Statement’
treniqblog | June 2, 2015

Who says a table is ‘just a table’? Be it a center table, dining table, console, side table, coffee table, sideboard or a cabinet, a stylish table can actually occupy a place of pride in your home, provided you manage to get your hands on one that is truly unique.

Don’t know what we mean? Well, have a look at the Stone Sideboard  from Bat Eye.


This luxurious table is hard to ignore and is sure to be a head turner every time you have guests coming over, leaving you brimming with pride.

When looking for a table for your drawing room, living room, bedroom, study or even the garden area, it is first important to plan the look of the room, understand the aesthetics and then pick up an ideal piece that complements the interiors, yet stands out and lends a character of its own to the room. The right table can instantly transform your room from ‘plain simple’ to ‘ultra luxurious’ simply by virtue of its presence in the room.

While there is no dearth of tables to choose from, it just depends on your home décor. There are tables available in wood, marble, metal, fiber, glass and a host of other materials. While wooden tables are eternal classics that blend well with both contemporary and antique interiors, tables with metal elements or metallic finish are a great way to complement contemporary home décor. Similarly, marble can be crafted to complement both contemporary and vintage décor.

For a contemporary home with modern décor, the ‘Wave Centre Table’ from Boca Do Lobo makes for a perfect conversation starter over a cup of coffee. And we’ve discovered similar tables available with other leading luxury furniture brands as well. The ‘Torsion Center Table’ from Malabar and the ‘Gaia Center Table’ from Karpa are two such tables that are unique, with an elegant design, and are true to their functionality.


And for a vintage look with the modern twist, an award winning Design Consultancy in the UK, Hill House Interiors, recommends the ‘Chelsea Console’, which has a sleek and elegant look, with drawers in metallic finish to lend your drawing room or living room the desired glam quotient. You can discover similar tables at Treniq to give you interiors a luxurious feel. A close cousin of the ‘Chelsea Console’ that you can find at Treniq is the ‘Trinity Center Table from Boca Do Lobo, which has an equally majestic appeal.

If you’re looking to add some authentic ‘old world charm’ to your luxurious abode, you could settle for marble or wooden tables with intricate carvings and designs that remind one of the bygone era. The ‘Passion Lilies Dining Table’ and ‘Pushpa End Table’ from Farrago are two such classics that’ll never go out of style.


So what’re you waiting for?… Just visit Treniq to find the PERFECT table that’ll complement your living spaces.

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