Surface Innovation : 2019 Trends
treniqblog | January 25, 2019

With Surface Design Show 2019 just around the corner, we decided to dig a little deeper into the upcoming surface innovation for the year and present to you some of our favourites from the January collection files. While a lot of predictions say, colour blocking is going to be the next big thing, we are still fairly certain a lot of designers will still rely on a single powerful colour to dominate their surfaces.

Having said that, a lot of designers are moving towards sustainable material and the same trend can be seen in surface designing. Jute, concrete, stone and natural elements rain supreme this year.

The biggest hit is the vertical garden designs that are designed to bring the fresh outdoors in. This trend is not only timeless but also very elegant and stylish.

Let’s take a look at our in-house favourites!


Terrazzo is back and it is big this year in the varied flooring trends. While this old trend makes its way in some of the latest and brand new ideas include deep shades of blue as a favourite surface choice. Keeping to the eco-friendly element, wooden surfaces, panels and flooring options are a big hit as well. Innovations in wooden surfaces is a big deal this year.

It’s all about sustainability now. From shell residue designs to mother of pearl, agate, wood and stone, panels are taking a brand new turn. We are in love with the glamorous pearl and agate versions that are instant mood lifters and have a very luxurious appeal. Neutral surfaces with ridges and designs are a classy and constant panel solution! Bold blues and moody blacks are also making an entryway into the panel trend world and we must admit, we love them!

The ever reliable rugs are also undergoing a transformation. Bold and maximal florals are in and its goodbye neutral beiges for now. Bold blues, gorgeous prints and elaborate designs are the next big thing!


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