Supplier Spotlight: Artico Modo – Exclusive Interior Design
treniqblog | May 12, 2017

At Treniq, we bring you international brands from over 60 countries across the globe. Each supplier carefully curates and creates unique, exquisite and elegant collections for you. Suppliers range from those in the category of furniture and lighting to decor, rugs, art and kitchens and bathrooms. This week, our supplier spotlight goes to Artico Modo.


Art and design are often defined as two opposite concepts, in reality, though they are both intertwined. Designers like Artico Modo present good designs that bear elements of art, elaborate design and a passion for details.

Their multi-annual experience led to the need to upgrade the construction’s design of the luxury handmade furniture.

Aiming to reach the uniqueness and the importance of a piece of art, Artico Modo specialises entirely in the design and construction of luxury residential homes, villas, exclusive boutique hotels professional spaces.

Take a look at the variety of luxury and exquisite products by Artico Modo.

Dark Temptation Cocktail Bar

Based on the absolute balance between white and black with golden details, with a temper that is dark and bright.

Majestic Dining Table

Exuded by its luxury materials, the solidity of the olive root based on the high gloss finished organic forms, compose a rare, in concept and execution, artwork.


Leo Part Cabinet

The impressive characteristics of the black spots that create a silent and invisible motif and its wild instinct, makes you admire the beauty of its uniqueness.

Invictus Dining Table

The Invictus “Unconquerable”, like the eagle with the calm and stoical poise in the air, proudly raises, dominating the sky, looks invincible.


Florence Cabinet

When the borders of sculpting break, organic form emerges and imitates the harmony of nature’s movements, by giving life and tension on the wood creating the Florence Cabinet.

Horizon Buffet

As the sun gives the golden colour to the elusive horizon’s line that separates the sea with the sky, serenity is captured on the softness of its shades.


Pearl Cocktail Bar

The inspiration of the Pearl cocktail bar derives from the pearl itself, and its particularities. The pure lines define the profile of this unique piece.

Shades Coffee Table

The parallel shaded lines on the surface of the tables, create the sense of movement.


Terra Cabinet

The cabinet is a reflection of the inspiration that derives from the intensity of the Earth’s elements and the power that emerges from its centre.

Las Vegas Dining Table

When creativity embraces construction’s difficulty, Las Vegas dining table is created. Its table’s glossy touch represents the city’s glamour.



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