Designing a Successful Coworking Space
treniqblog | June 12, 2019

The trends have changed and many successful coworking space designs are suddenly cropping up. Companies big and small prefer to adapt to a mixed working space to allow for their employees to experience cross-cultural and interdimensional working spaces like never before. Moreover, it allows for many organisations to connect with similar work environments and arrange for a symbiotic partnership too. What is more interesting is the design thought that goes behind each of these coworking spaces. All the interiors are a psychological trip into the analysis of the human mind and functioning abilities.

Most successful coworking spaces have stunning and well thought out designs in order to accelerate productivity while creating the illusion of a fun and casual working space. Let’s take a look at what goes into designing a space like this.

successful coworking spaces and design ideas

Think Flexibility, Think Fun

When it comes to truly successful and interesting interior design, coworking spaces take the prize. The spaces are constructed such that they perform a kind of delicate balancing act. Office environments should foster productivity but also collaboration and team spirit. These spaces must be accessible to both introverts and extroverts. The most successful coworking spaces are those that take the idea of a ‘traditional office’ and turn it 360 degrees, to make them feel like casual setups like coffee shops or loft parties and less like the cubicle offices of decades past.


Colours are associated to human psyche and have the most immediate impact on human mind. It is in order to stimulate the potential of human minds when exposed to different hues, that nurseries, schools and many such institutions incorporate colours in such spaces. While green is motivating, purples are soothing, yellows are indicative of productivity and so on.


Solace in Architecture

In order to make sure employees are not stuck to a desk every hour of their working day, coworking spaces include a lot of nooks tucked into the architecture of the space, which allows for productivity for everyone regardless of their preferred work environment. Between colour scheme, recreational areas such as foosball table, and fun seating spaces like ceiling hammocks, employees clearly don’t suffer from any shortage of fun and playfulness, either.


The booming cafe culture is here to stay and many coworking spaces are turning to these spaces to get inspiration for designing these work spaces. Along with adding visual interest to break up a room, little spaces are created as nooks and corners for all types of activities including a mid day snooze if need be. Many spaces today are seeking to mimic the environment where many of their members feel most comfortable getting work done.


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