Stunning Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Guest Blogger | March 8, 2018

Not only living room, bedroom and kitchen lives the decoration of a house. The most intimate atmosphere of the home, of course, also deserves our special attention. And you fool anyone who thinks you need to spend a lot to decorate the bathroom with sophisticated tablets, mirrors and ornaments.


Here are some tips for different types of bathroom, whether small, large, simple or modern. It is always possible to renovate your decor, and leave your bathroom with a new face, check it out!

Bathroom Niches


The niches in the bathroom serve as both a space for decoration and to organise towels, shampoo, creams, perfumes, among others. The space can be used both in small bathrooms and with little space as in large ones. This piece will leave the environment more organised, stylish and very charming.


The bathtub is no longer a luxury item, although it is a little costly, it is already part of the realty.

Even in small spaces, if your desire is to have a tub, take the measurements of the space and then begin the search for what you want, instead of buying a whirlpool without having enough space. 

Bathrooms Decorated with Adhesive Pads


Adhesive inserts are easy to place and do not require the hiring of a mason to place. As stated above, simply apply the glue to flooring and choose the wall you are going to place thus renewing the decor of your bathroom.

Bathrooms with Modern Decoration


For those who like modern decorations, you can apply this style of decoration in the bathroomThe use of straighter lines is characterised by modern bathroom decorations. Illuminated plaster mouldings are also widely used and they add a personalised touch to complement a more localised and beautiful lighting.

Decoration for Small Bathrooms


In small places, the decor always looks like it’s too much. But it is exactly the opposite, in small bathrooms, you can decorate beautifully and leave the place very cosy.

The big balcony of small places is to use some large mirrors to give the feeling of larger space. Another tip is to use larger tiles and rectangular shape as this helps to increase the sense of amplitude. Leveraging the wall to make recessed niches is also an option to decorate small bathrooms.

This guest blog is by Viviane Schwartzhaupt of DCORE VOCÊ. 

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