Spring Essentials: Tableware & Accessories
treniqblog | April 5, 2019

Spring is almost here and we are definitely beginning to indulge our senses in the glorious blooms and the refreshing greens outdoors. Spring is easily everyone’s favourite time of the year. There is a rather beautiful scent in the air and the refreshing air hangs low. The flowers are blossoming and the leaves are shaking away the last of Winter harshness. The streets are a burst of colours and the birds are chirping. Everyone is outdoors and when they are not they are making sure that a piece of Spring is indoors too!

We took a look at the most important and sought after the transition from Winters to Spring in the decor world and it is safe to say it starts from the coffee table or dining table. Full blooms make their way into lovely vases on every table. Lovely adornments and colourful accessories find their way onto dinner tables to ring in Spring.

Here are a few of our favourite table looks!  

Spring theme tableware and accessories

Subtle yet refreshing this neutral set up is almost perfect for all seasons, and yet the green blades of grass add an exuberant Spring vibe. Lovely scented candles and wooden elements also make for a fun, contemporary look.

Spring theme candles and candle sticks
Spring theme - table accessories
Spring theme - decor and art
Spring theme - tableware and dinner ware
Spring theme tableware and accessories

Luscious and satisfying hues of teal and blue meet whites and greens to truly recreate a beachy vibe. We simply love how the tray and vase steal the limelight here. Foliage accents and you have for yourself a Spring makeover.

Spring theme - trays in table decor
Spring theme - table decor and art
Spring theme - Table decor
Spring theme - table decor and dinnerware

The most obvious option looks like piling on more colours. We simply love the placement of succulents on the wooden serving boards. The roughly edged trays and the blossoms sneaking through in our opinion is a great way to serve meals this Spring!

Spring theme - table decor
Spring theme - table decor

No flowers? No problem here is a modern and contemporary way to rehash your table decor in Spring themed wonders without having to hunt for the blossoms.

Spring theme - tab;e ware
Spring theme - table decor and art
Spring theme - table ware

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