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treniqblog | August 2, 2019

When in doubt pick blue, they say. The most loved colour universally and the safest option for anything ranging from clothing to automobiles, interiors and everything in between, blue is a people’s colour. The subtle hues of sky blue offer boundless solace and peace while the darker moodier shades make for exquisite mysterious feels. The colour is so versatile that it can be both classy and playful all at once.

We have added a few hues that we love in our interiors for you to see how you can bring this colour home seamlessly.

Shades of Blue: Cobalt

Trends in shade of blue on Treniq

The inky depth of this colour meets a type of steel grey to create a unique and vibrant hue. Both sophisticated and elegant, this colour is rich in character and oozing with luxury

Shades of Blue: Navy

Style your interiors with shade on blue with Treniq

It’s safe to say navy blue is a good looking colour. Nobody can hate this shade to be honest. It is a colour that can be underplayed along side metallic hues or brighter tones. At the same time, it can be made the star of the show when paired with neutral colours.

Shades of Blue: Teal

Choose your interiors in Shade of blue on Treniq

When the blue of the ocean meets minty greens, teal is born. Based on the percentage of each colour, the hue hinges closer to green or blue at different times.  But this shade of blue has an uber cool vibe. Very close to the luxurious tiffany blue, this colour is a heart stealer. 

Shades of Blue: Talc

Fall in love with various shade on blue on Treniq

Talcum powder blue, duck egg blue or simple light blue, whatever the name, this muted variant of our favourite colour is a winner. This pastel blue pairs beautifully with neutral and other pastel colours.

Shades of Blue: Tiffany

Tiffany blues can be mesmerizing - shade of blue

This colour is a glorious version of blue that is reminiscent of happy times. We love how the blue used on the walls adds a layer of elegant personality to this living room.  

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