Seller Guide – Updating the Showroom/ User profile
treniqblog | February 21, 2020

When you are someone who is updating the showroom on Treniq every now and then, it is always good to keep your profile updated as follows.

Please be aware that the below-provided fields are important in many ways, and missing any one of them will decrease the visibility of your showroom on the platform.

There are many fields that are mapped from the user profile to the showroom/ company profile in our system. So, please make sure to fill both the profiles.

Name: The name of the showroom must be in Proper Case/ Camel Case. (First letter of each word must be in the capital case). Example: Treniq Limited. (Company and User profile)

Description: Please add a detailed and brief description to your showroom.  (Company  profile)

Logo: Please add a jpg/ jpeg/ png image of 840px to your showroom.  (Company profile)

Cover Image: Please add any Lifestyle/ Product image/ Project Image from your collection. (Company profile)

Address and Country: Please add the location from where your showroom is represented.  (Company and User profile)

Website: Please give the URL of your website.  (Company and User profile)

Category: Please select the Categories/ Category of products to which your company caters to.  (Company profile)

Phone: Please enter your phone number with the appropriate country code.  (Company and User profile)

Currency: Please select the currency with which your products must show on the platform.  (Company profile)

Company Category: Please select Seller.  (User profile)

Company Type: Please select Manufacturer/ Agency/ International Seller according to who you are.  (User profile)

If you ever want to know more details, get in touch with us by clicking here.

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