The Rug Revolution – What to Expect
treniqblog | January 11, 2018


Who does not want to walk into a room carpeted in luxury and comfort? A rug can make or break the look of a room, and when used smartly, it can add the much needed elegance a room has been lacking. Gone are the days of standard designs and boring textures.The rug world has undergone a revolution; newer and bolder designs and patterns have made an entry through what can be aptly described as a rug renaissance.

There was much talk about 2018 being a rug-less year but that is far from true. 2018 trends are surely embracing the feel of wood and textures but with rugs weaving magic and looking absolutely stunning, we are not going to be able to deprive ourselves for too long!

So what are the modern rug trends that are ensuring a top spot for rugs in 2018? Let us help you figure this one out.

Bold and Beautiful

Bold coloured rugs adding a rather refreshing pop to a living room is the much needed change we have all been craving for.

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 Textured to Please

2018 is all about the feels and so rugs have undergone a dramatic change to please the senses. Soft textured, knotted, velvet, firm, patterned, fur – name it and you have it.

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Gorgeously Geometric

Geometric patterns have debuted in the decor world this year and on rugs they look like they always belonged!

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Multitude of Colours

Gone are the days of monotones, now we are talking colour on colour and colour block. Why should rugs be left behind? From gorgeous patterns to ombre shades, rugs are combining colours like never before.

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Handmade with Love

Handmade means authentic, artisan and exclusive. We have always romanticised with the idea of handmade products and handmade rugs are a luxury worth investing in.

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Carpet of Flowers

We love floral on just about anything! Floral  designs are a delightful change waiting to engulf the world of rugs! Who would not like to rest their feet on a plethora of blossoms.

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Smooth as Silk

Silk rugs have made an entry into the decor trend list and is here to satiate the desire for luxury and class all woven into one beautiful rug.

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Vintage Romance

Who isn’t a vintage soul, deep deep inside? We love it when decor speaks that language. So why would we keep rugs out of this equation?

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