Your Bible to Redecorate with Treniq’s most trending, this July!
treniqblog | July 6, 2016

So many designers, so many themes, so many colours & materials and even more varieties of themes to choose from! CONFUSED how to redecorate your interior projects? Don’t be! Your bible to redecorate, with the most trending and exquisite furniture, is right here.

Following are some of the most trending furniture, on Treniq, we put together to help you keep up with your style statement. From tables to chairs to beds and more, Treniq brings to you some novel trends this summer!

Cocktail Table_Treniq_Trending_Furniture
Galaxy Cocktail Table by AURUM
Tears Cocktail Table_Koket_Treniq_Luxury_Trending_Furniture
Tears Cocktail Table by Koket











First and foremost we have two of the most trending tables on Treniq.  While the interchangeable surfaces of the Galaxy cocktail table by Aurum, may meet your need for a colourful summer interior the delicate design of the Tears Table by Koket, on the other hand will be a perfect fit in those monochrome settings of any living room.



Ava Chair_Mambo-Unlimited-Ideas_Treniq_Trending_Furniture_July
Ava Chair by Mambo Unlimited Ideas
Coco Armchair by MARI IANIQ












Chairs of any interior describe the personality of the surroundings and the taste of the owner. You definitely don’t want to go wrong in this department. The Ava Chair by Mambo Unlimited Designs is one-of-a-kind pieces sure to add some flavour to its vanilla surroundings, with a lovely blend of fabric and/or leather and solid wood along with optional brass or copper fittings. Another one topping the list of trending on Treniq, is the Coco Armchair by MARI IANIQ. This monochrome themed chair with its sumptuous fabrics, vibrant contrasting colours and superior tailoring is Haute Couture at its very finest. Any interior space is sure to have an added touch of elegance with these graceful yet bold designs.



Traditional Design_Classic Sofa_Duistt_Treniq_Trending
Wormly Chair by Duistt
Atacama Sofa by Moanne













Two more seating which make the list of trending on Treniq, are the Wormley Chair by Duistt and the Atacama Sofa by Moanne. These two sofas may have contrasting styles but each by itself is a flawless inclusion in living rooms, restaurants or even a study or a luxury bedroom. Your designs demand perfection and these can be just the seating you were looking for to conclude your interior design projects.


Storage Ideas_Design Goals_Luxury Interiors_Treniq_Trending_July
Penida Credenza Sideboard by Carlo
Embrace Cabinet by SadusLuxury












Are these furniture pieces really storage ideas? Well, we think there is more to these products than that. They can definitely pass for great home decor articles, because are they not just simply stunning? The Penida Credenza Sideboard by Carlo is made with brown to light coconut slices and boasts of a white terrazzo polish. But don’t be misguided by its sleek design, this elegant sideboard can store more than you can imagine. Talking about elegance, the Embrace Limited Edition Cabinet by SadusLuxury is no less. Inspired on the link between luxury, nature and architecture, this cabinet has been decorated with a bronze mirror and gold leaf and boasts of adaptability to any intended space.



Gauri Khan Designs_Treniq_India_Classic Design_Trending_July
Davenport Bed by Gauri Khan Designs
Urbino Letto Bed by Cantori












Lastly, coming to some of the important part of any interiors! The beds! If anything, they should be grand and comfortable at the same time just like the ones trending on Treniq. On one hand we have the Urbino Letto Bed by Cantori which is meant to be showcased in a luxury contemporary master bedroom. On the other hand we have the classic traditional design of the day bed by Gauri Khan Designs which speaks grandeur and is sure to elevate the luxury experience in your interior design projects. Which one are you going to pick?



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