Pride Colours: A Moodboard from the Colours on the Rainbow Flag from the LGBT Movement
treniqblog | June 17, 2019

It is Pride month and we wanted to contribute in whatever little way we could. So we delved deeper into the colours that represent pride and unravelled some really interesting meanings. It was then that is struck us, pride is not just for the LGBTQ community, it is for all of us. Let no one ever tell you who to love and what to love!

We have handpicked some of our favourite interiors pieces in the colours of pride to commemorate this month of equality, love, compassion and we strive to take steps towards tolerance and a community’s harmony and well being.   

Red has always been identified as the colour of extremes. It is the colour of passion, love and anger or danger. Our ancestors, however, always associated the colour to fire and blood – the most essential form of energy and life.

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Orange is identified as the colour of the bold and daring, but in its crux orange is a colour of home, heart warmth and self-worth. It is the colour people find solace in and heal with.

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This colour in the flag is a screaming reminder to blaze like the sun and not hide in the shadows of self-doubt. This colour is about flamboyance, self love and accepting yourself.

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Green is indicative of nature and is a sharp reminder of how no man or woman at any degree of power can mess with what is and what should be.

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The lapping waves in an ocean or the magnificent vast skies are all that we know as harmonious and serene. Calming and soothing – these colours in the flag are a reminder of peace and tranquillity.

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Purple relates to spirituality and imagination when our body and soul are in perfect balance. It helps expand awareness and connects us to a higher conscience. The last colour in the flag is a reminder to truly embrace yourself and to become one with your soul and being.

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