Popsicle Tones: The Most Fun Colours to Bring Indoors
treniqblog | June 21, 2019

Summer is the season of tropical beverages and unlimited popsicle in all colours one can imagine! The season is a riot of colours and filled with promises of joy and hope! We did a little snooping around behind closed doors and were delighted to discover that these colours are finding permanent homes indoors! People love adding the vibrant dash of popsicle colours to their otherwise neutral setups to brighten the space!

When we say popsicle tones, we actually creating a very wide spectrum of colours to choose from and to be honest, they are all great! Sunny yellows, bright oranges, electric greens and bright reds were popsicle hues back in the day but today, you see versions in powder blues, soft greys, rosy corals and even creamish whites! Use of colour in interior design is a trend that is gaining immense popularity for the pop these colours add to a living or commercial space! Many coworking spaces swear by the idea of bright office spaces to amplify productivity and improve moods! Here is our version of the classic popsicle tones homes that can be recreated in a jiffy!

Hot Pinks

Pink popsicles were a big favourite! Think strawberries and suddenly pink popsicles come to mind! This glorious hue of pink, though tricky and bold, can be a real game changer when incorporated in the right measure. Count on it to make whites pop and make blacks more glamorous.

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Forest Green

Popsicles always came in colours that were shades brighter than their ingredients promised to be! Remember the classic green lollies and candy bars, that were a shade of radioactive green that we simply could not decipher or hate! These greens are great indoors – in the form of plants, wall colours or simply statement sofas!

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Blueberries, mulberries, grapes and all the dark berries came together in the form of blue popsicles! These colours were a slice of tropical heaven for the taste and colour alike – reminiscent of endless Summer skies and pristine beach vacations! Bringing this colour indoors is like signing up for a vacation vibe all year round!

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Nothing like the good old bright yellow popsicle packed with flavours of mangoes! No other fruit or colour spells Summer like yellow does and we simply love bringing this colour indoors all year round, just so we can steal a slice of sunshine for ourselves! Is your Summer makeover even complete without this golden touch?

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All year round, orange popsicles were a hit! The colour that follows yellow instantly to become the second popular Summer favourite is a rather bold and tricky addition to indoor spaces. The colour is vivacious, bright and in your face. But when matched perfectly and used in the right palettes, this colour is a true eye catcher!

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