Muted Palette: The Evolution of Home Designing
treniqblog | July 4, 2019

Kick up the glam quotient of your interiors notches higher with the inclusion of muted palettes. On the other end of the spectrum, this trend is a hit among designers for how fuss-free and clean this design is.

But what is a muted colour palette? For purposes of this conversation it is any highly saturated hue and when adding a tint, tone or shade to make it less bright and more subdued. The result is often a softer, calmer colour that can be easier to work with and match to the overall design.

This trend is slowly gaining prominence and will be a promising trend to turn to towards the colder times of the year for how warm and cosy this trend is.

muted colour palette interiors

This evergreen trend can be easily incorporated into the bedrooms all year round! Think warm and cosy spaces and the first thing we think of is our comfortable snooze pads. We love this subdued hue of green that is help give this bedroom a rather stylish yet inviting touch!

Gorgeous hues of talcum powder blue meets oodles of beige and pastel pink accents to bring to you this contemporary living room. If luxury needed redefining, our answer would be this plush chesterfield sofa in the colour of serenity and calmness.

muted colour palette interiors

Darker greys make for moodier muted palettes. There is something so mysterious and enchanting about dark, steel grey interiors. The hues have a rather masculine quality to them. When blended with electric greens, navy or teal blues, hot pinks or deep reds, these colours really shine in the grey backdrops.

muted colour palette interiors

Calming, relaxing, soothing and not to forget, absolutely in trend – the muted variant of the ever reliable millennial pink is a winner! We simply love the clean look sans the fluff in this living room. Contrasting neutrals backgrounds really help the colour come to life.

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