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treniqblog | January 22, 2018

The wallpaper and fabric design trends from decades ago are being revisited today. Back in vogue is the attention paid to textures, with a greater emphasis on the feel of the surface. Bio-friendly is more the in thing today; breathable cottons and linens are a huge hit.

In the design world, we are hitting our boldest point yet. Romantic florals and pastels are a perennial design and still very much in fashion, while the new entrant is the eclectic geometric and digital patterns. We are also saying hello to foliage patterns and embracing an invigorating change in our decor trend.


This season we have stepped out of our comfort zone and welcomed large prints and oversized patterns, striking colours and refreshing palettes. The change is dramatic and unusual yet soothing and revitalising.

Floral and Nature

Oversized florals and prints that derive inspiration from nature are reigning supreme. These patterns are fresh, pronounced and charismatic in their own right.

Digital and geometric prints are making an entry this year as the quirkier designs. In neutrals or in brighter shades, the patterns are pleasing yet dramatic.

A humble yet powerful style, pastels and  neutrals are the most soothing of all trends. They bring about a contemporary charm whilst being warm and cosy.

It is the year of embracing the vivid colours of nature. Remember we told you how decor trends of 2018 are incorporating greens indoor? Foliage patterns are also a hot style this season and we are quite in love with it.

Oversized Prints and Bold Colours

Each year, the design trends get bolder. There was a time when smaller patterns were a preferred choice. Now, bigger and brighter patterns are here to revamp decor trends like never before.

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