Mood Board: Ringing in Spring 2018
treniqblog | March 9, 2018

Spring is around the corner and nope, we can’t keep calm. In order to ring the most vivacious season in style, you have got to open out those shutters and let the sun in, bring those plants indoors and wear your summer hat just for kicks. But if it’s still dreary outside then a refreshing decor update might just be the change you need.


Spring is all about bright colours, breezy fabrics and wilderness based prints that can oomph up the look while still being revitalising to the senses. We have put together a list of Spring decor essentials that are timeless and modern and must-haves this season.

Take your pick between various categories to kick start your Spring prep in style.

Floral armchairs to bright sofas, all the way to carved tables and and cushions that add a hint of pop, Spring is all about bringing a room alive and no better way to do it than altering your staple furniture pieces!

Design professionals rely on great lighting to change the mood of rooms effortlessly. 2018 gave us revolutionary lighting trends and Spring lighting is a whole lot more promising than it ever was.

Functional yet vibrant decor pieces are a very smart way of bringing the feel of Spring home, easily. Think wallpapers, to accessories or simple yet stunning tableware; they are all ways to make your decor interesting and refreshing.

Art is the one way to breathe life into any living space, be it sculptures or simply a painting. With great art you can bring home any change in theme you are looking at implementing with ease.

Indoor surfaces are most often the most ignored or the last thing to be planned. But you’d be amazed by how much of a difference a well thought out wall panel, flooring or even a humble rug can make. Here’s the Spring Collection that is to die for.


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