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treniqblog | February 27, 2018

Treniq is a growing network of design professionals and we are continuously expanding to bring to you the best suppliers in the industry, you can source from effortlessly. We aim to present you with all your sourcing solutions on one platform. Here is a list of the top 5 suppliers who joined the bandwagon this month.


Design Di Lusso is a supplier of full range of tiles & mosaics for Interior Designers & Architects for both residential and commercial projects. Their products are sourced from all over the globe to bring you the very best in quality, design, value and variety.

Source from Design Di Lusso

The roots of Henry d’Elkin is in the Flanders, one of the oldest textile regions of Europe. The brand provides high-quality fabrics and creative wall coverings worldwide, and are well known for their softest faux-fur, which is available by cut length and in standard and bespoke finished products such as throws, cushions, bed covers, bed runners, rugs etc.

Source from Henry d’Elkin

Urban Grain Interiors Limited is a Manchester based workshop of interior designers, furniture designers and skilled craftsmen producing stunning bespoke industrial furniture and accessories from a wide range of ethically sourced components. They are crazy about interiors and love coming up with clever and beautiful solutions to lifestyle conundrums. The team thrives on the challenges of coming up with new products or sourcing old ones.

Sharing passion for art and design Zdenek & Ksenia Konvalina decided to form a studio that would bring their ideas to life. Drawing on their international ballet and artist career’s aesthetic beauty, elegance and precision were set as the core values of the brand. Based in London and now also in Berlin the studio is about blending creative disciplines, exploring interactions between different materials, keeping pulse on innovation, and ultimately creating beautiful and inspiring artworks.

Cappa E Spada Bespoke Furniture Designs specialise in applying imagery to various surfaces using an array of industrial methods to create a range of high end furniture, lighting and home interiors.

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