Materials of the Future : A MaterialDriven Initiative
Guest Blogger | March 29, 2019

Materials are probably more ignored than a lot of other components that goes into construction. But it is indeed safe to say that material forms the crux of any building or structure as it forms the foundation of everything.

For this very reason, we partnered with MaterialDriven to understand the importance of this unsung hero and discuss the future innovations in this space! We were stunned at the type of materials and the objective behind each. When we spoke to Purva and Adele, the co-founders of the organisation we knew instantly, that we needed to do a piece on the future of materials. So here we are!

A big shout out to the power duo that helped us put this very exciting and fun piece together! With MD there is always something new to learn.

Totomoxtle Fernando Laposse

Fernando Laposse has been working with a group of families from the community of Tonahuixtla in southwest Mexico since 2016. Together, they are trying to reverse the situation by returning to the traditional agricultural methods that have been used locally for centuries. And the result of this work is Totomoxtle.

Sam Lander

Sam Lander is one of a kind designer and material maker. Initially spurred by his fixation to not use conventional materials for furniture design, such as wood or metal, this designer ended up creating material of his own.

Raw Earth Matter of Stuff

Founded in 2014 by Italian architect-designers Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni, Matter of Stuff is a London-based creative studio and design brand that celebrates contemporary craftsmanship. Working across disciplines, Matter of Stuff cultivates and coordinates a community of designers, manufacturers and makers that produce unique artefacts and materials.


The expression ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ really encapsulates the story behind Malai. Working alongside Southern India’s coconut farmers that generate vast amounts of ‘waste’ coconut water after they’ve removed the harvest of white flesh from inside the mature coconuts.

Interwoven Diana Scherer

In the project Interwoven the natural network of the root system turns into a textile-like material. Using templates as moulds, the roots are channelled, forming the new material. During the growth process, the roots conform to the patterns and the root material weaves or braids itself. She is collaborating with biologists and ecologists of the Radboud University in the Netherlands.

Industrial Craft Charlotte Kidger

Industrial Craft is a material-based project by designer Charlotte Kidger, that focuses on utilizing plastic waste streams associated with CNC fabrication. A by-product of the milling process, lightweight polyurethane foam dust is left behind in abundance. Since this material is still regarded as a niche plastic, it’s only means of disposal is through incineration or landfill. This offered Charlotte a clear design opportunity, and a chance to repurpose an undervalued and problematic material.


HARU stuck-on design is a space decorative tape. The conventional way to decorate space is to use a coating material as paint or spray, but such coating materials can be difficult to handle and difficult to remove once they are applied. Easily peeled off and removed without leaving hardly any adhesive residue, HARU stuck-on design is a masking tape that you can use to freely design space in any colour you like, any time you want.

Adam Davies

Adam Davies is a Welsh Product Designer, his approach to design is a non-linear, experimental and abstract exploration of bio-materials. Currently undertaking his PhD at Loughborough University his research challenges current design methods and production processes which favour a plastic society. The focus of his research is the use of Mycelium and how we can utilise its characteristics to develop materials which have this minimal impact.

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