Living Room Ideas To Add Bold and Daring Colours
Guest Blogger | October 18, 2018

Here are few living room ideas to add bold and daring colours. It can be easy for some. However, it feels like diving head first into ice cold water for others. Let’s take a look at a few easy and exciting ways to add daring colours into your living room.

Paint an Accent Wall


Using an accent wall is a perfect way to draw an eye to the room. If you have all neutral coloured walls, add exciting red or bright yellow to instantly change mood of the room. 

Making an accent wall is a little more of a longtime colour adding choice. Hence, take the time to pick out a colour that will work in that room without throwing off your decor.

Use a Bold Lampshade


Sometimes you just need a little boost of colour in unexpected places, like on a lampshade or two. You can go in and paint the lampshades that you already have or pick up a few standard white ones at the store.

Learning how to paint your lampshades will give you control over the bold colours you want to add and will offer creative control in the room. You can paint all of the lampshades in your living room to match each other, or you can make them all a little different, adding in designs that compliment one another.

Choose a Bold Sofa


Your walls and decor are not the only ways that you can add in bold and daring colours. Spice up your furniture by choosing a bold coloured sofa that will instantly boost your happiness every time you sit on it.

Living Room Ideas for Bold Picture Frames

Customising your picture frames is something everyone should try. It is a great way to upgrade the look of your family photo wall or decor without spending much money, especially if you learn how to paint your own picture frames.

You can let all of your frames match in a bright colours or keep them neutral with various colour popping frames.

Let your Pillows be Bold


If you really want bold colours added into your living room but struggling to commit to a big project right away. Try the living room ideas of opting for a small but still valid way to add in bold colours and designs.

Throw pillows are an excellent way to try out new colours in a room. They are affordable and will let you see what bold colours are able to a room without overpowering it.

When it comes to figuring out how to add in bold accent colours, certainly you should take note of the 60/30/10 designers rule. Consequently, you have to strive for 60% of the dominant or primary colour. 30% of the secondary complimenting colour and 10% of the accent colour.

This living room idea allows pops of colours without overpowering and can also help balance out a more secondary bold colour. Adding bold and daring colours into your living room is a great way to breath new life into the room thus giving you a break from too many neutral colours.

Th author of this post is Allen Michael from Home Viable.

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  1. I love bold colours in living rooms! Especially if it’s your first home, I think people just really go wild and experiment with different colours and patterns. Accent walls are a cheap way to invest in bright colours, but I really like bold sofas too – I think they really add a focal point.

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