Living Room Design Ideas When Moving To New York
Guest Blogger | May 28, 2018

Designing your living space when moving to a new house in NYC can be a very exciting experience. Just like the city itself, everything needs to strike a balance. The living room is the first place people see when they enter your house. That’s where you can set an amazing impression for the rest of your house.

A common mistake most people do with their living room design is going overboard with it. But if you talk about attractive living space in NYC, less is more. There are other factors you need to consider before you finalise the look of the living room in your new house. These are:

  • Choose a colour: This will simplify the living room designing task for you. Once you have a colour or a combination of colours decided for your living room decor and setting, you can easily narrow down your options.
  • Follow a theme: What style inspiration have you got for your new living room? Do you want to give it a retro look, something traditional, chic, or bohemian? Deciding on a theme will also give you the perfect direction to start your task.
  • Less is more: As mentioned above, a living room does not have to be crowded with furniture and other things. Place everything strategically to create visual appeal. Use colours to accentuate the room and give it a stylish look.

The idea is to plan out your living room design beforehand so that everything goes smoothly. To help you decorate, here are the top inspirational designs for your New York’s new home’s living room!

The Timeless Look

A concrete wallpaper and a room that features hues of blue and white is the perfect way to give your living room a classic, timeless touch. The combination of blue and white not only looks amazing together but can instantly create a nautical scheme in any room.

Creatively use furniture and other accessories to add a quirky twist.

Contemporary Design for more Space

A contemporary style living room with tones of grey and crisp white details creates a sense of space. This is particularly a great idea if you have a small living room. Using lighter tones and stylish furniture allows natural light to bounce around and brighten up space.

In such a setting, pale furniture made of wood also makes the room appear big, bright, and airy.


The Fusion

A living room design where traditional meets modern is another great way to decorate your living space in New York. Besides using a combination of classic and modern furniture – including an armchair – you can use decor ideas like wall art to give the room a modern, colourful touch.

If you love plants but can’t take care of them in an indoor space, consider artificial ones and hang them around the room to do justice with the overall look!

Curtains and Flooring

There are always tons of options for curtains and flooring. The idea is to choose both wisely, so they perfectly blend in together. A textured floor with patterned curtains can be too loud for the eyes. For a floor with texture, a Roman blind can be a better choice instead. Similarly, if you patterned curtains with hints of bright colours, pair it up with neutral flooring.

Additional tip: make the most out of modern rugs!

Furniture for Big Impression

Furniture that accentuates the entire room can be very impressive. To give your room an eye-catching appeal, place your furniture wisely. Pair it up with funky accessories to create a big impact. This is particularly a great idea for larger rooms with high ceilings.

Patriotic Palette

An ideal living room in New York conjures a fresh look featuring blue, white, and classic red. Do a little mix and match around these colours for walls, furniture, wall art, and other dynamics of the room. Top it up with a classy indoor rug.

The Laid Back Style

There’s nothing more comfortable and relaxing than a living room with a welcoming look. Soft-hued upholstery, classic white walls, and light wooden furniture are what you need to create that look.

For furniture, choose a centrepiece as a classic grey sofa and pair it up with a collection of accentuating cushions and a bright rug to bring colour to the room.

In a room with such a laid-back style, a geometric rug is a great idea!

Rethink Pale Pink

For a modern touch, a New York’s living room can feature big interior trends and the pale pink colour is a great shade to start with. Layer soft shades of pink with gold if you want to give it a luxurious touch or grey if you want to keep it classy.

A coffee table and a floor lamp that’s the focal point of the room can add the contrasting style required by every modern living room!

Final Word

The living room is the place where the family spends most of their time – watching TV, relaxing, or just having some chit-chat. So once you’ve moved to NYC, creating a warm and welcoming ambience into this room is important. These ideas mentioned above can be used to design your new home’s living room in New York.

So pick your favourite ones, get the inspiration, and get started right away!

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