Lilac Collection : A Pastel Love Story
treniqblog | March 22, 2019

Lilac has slowly taken over as the most sought after hue of pastels. The colour was once a mark of nostalgia and memories but today it is a sign of adaptability, versatility and vigour. A colour that can be adapted into any contemporary arrangement. Lilacs and purples have a way of offering clean and fresh looks when paired with neutrals especially whites.

We have put together a lilac collection for you to showcase different way to bring lilac into your design. Be it the bathrooms or bedrooms, lilac can slip in into your design in easy and efficient ways.


Lilac Collection: Living Rooms

Lilac love story - build your living room in lilac
Lilac love story - build your living room in lilac

The easiest way to bring the colour indoors is through a sofa or an armchair. A living room is the number one space in any home that undergoes transformation and same is the case with lilacs too! We love how the lilac armchair showcased here pairs well with a neutral setting and then you have another armchair pairing beautifully with a bold background. This only projects that this luscious colour is versatile!

Lilac Collection : Bedrooms

From glorious lilac bedspreads, duvets and cushions to headboard, bedroom furniture and all the way up to sectional walls, lilacs look refreshing, inviting, calming and comforting within bedrooms spaces. The calming effect of lavenders and lilacs are not just limited to their physical properties but also come from their calming colour palette. Need we say more?

Lilac love story - build your bedroom in lilac
Lilac love story - build your living room in lilac

Lilac Collection: Kitchen Spaces

Most indoor spaces look into kitchen designs as a standard procedure – clean metallic surfaces, white, beige or grey walls and wooden panels to ensure a cleaner look. Here’s introducing a twist to your kitchen space. We love how the cabinets are breathing life into this kitchen space. It makes the space feel therapeutic and calming.

Lilac love story - build your kitchen in lilac
Lilac love story - build your kitchen in lilac

Lilac Collection: Bathrooms

The easiest and best place to bring in lilac hues is in the bathroom. The lush colour provides a bathroom space a very luxurious and calming feel. Imagine walls, cabinets, wall hangings, rugs or simply bath linens in the colour make for a refreshing experience.


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