Lighting Style Guide: Are You Lighting It Right?
treniqblog | October 18, 2016

Lighting does more than just illuminate a space. It accentuates the design and adds animation to the storytelling of your interior accessories. Follow this lighting style guide by Treniq and you’ll be amazed at how getting the right lighting can make such a distinctive impact on getting the look and ambience you desire. Enjoy the transformation within your interiors at the click of a light switch!


Plan a lighting theme for your entire living space to avoid stark deviation from one room’s lighting to the next. It’s neither easy on the eyes nor on the mood.

Think of your room furniture, flooring, décor items, and other accessories and see if some require accent lighting.

Always have a dimmer system; it sets the ambience desired for a particular time or occasion. Try it!

Pay attention to the colour and texture of linings as they significantly affect the emission of light.


Do not commit to the conventional single central light source. A layered pattern would eliminate uncomplimentary shadows.

Do not use bulbs exceeding 50 watts for mood lighting. A subtle 40—50 watt is advisable.

Do not place wall lamps on long walls. Placing them on shorter walls instead will balance out the accent.

Do not leave wires hanging out. The only thing that would be accentuated hence is the clutter.

Start experimenting on a new lighting project for your interiors taking inspiration from this lighting style guide. Soon, you’ll be able to exploit our newest feature whereby you can source any luxury interior product through Treniq even if you do not find it on the website! We are committed to making sourcing luxury interior products easier for you and we will continue to deliver.

General Lighting:

General lighting is the basic lighting scheme, the intention of which is to evenly illuminate a room for functional reasons. The most commonly used sources of general lighting are chandeliers and central pendant lamps.




Outdoor Lighting:

Outdoor lighting, as the name suggests, refers to lighting sources for the outdoors – patio, terrace, porch, etc. The most commonly used sources of general lighting are wall lamps.




Ambient Lighting:

A close similarity to general lighting, ambient lighting is basically used for functional purposes but adds drama to a particular direction in a room and is often used for entertaining.



Task Lighting:

Work areas like studies and kitchens need particular sources for lighting called task lighting to avoid straining of the eyes. Table lamps are the most common sources of task lighting.



Mood Lighting:

Mood lighting enhances the general and ambient lighting and is usually placed just above eye level. Floor lamps and pendant lamps are mostly used to create an inviting presence to the room.




Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular area or feature like the alcove, a piece of artwork, or a piece of furniture. Spotlights, table lamps, and mirror lights are popularly used accent lighting sources.




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