KOHR’S Contemporary Pieces at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018
Guest Blogger | March 26, 2018

Pakistan brings more than politics to London this May. Gem stones, raw minerals and pure brass make their way to Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 with KOHR’S contemporary interpretation. KOHR strives to change Pakistan’s image.


Arsalan A. Khan’s contemporary design house KOHR comes to Clerkenwell, London presenting an amalgamation of regional Pakistani elements in the form of luxurious interior accents with its newest addition of gemstone furniture, accessories and hardware. The products KOHR has designed specifically for CDW are the Ra light, Poseidon table and the Horus shelf. These handcrafted creations are made of raw minerals and pure brass that have been sourced from the local region. The entire process from the procurement of the untreated ore to cutting and polishing is supervised personally by the designer himself. Allure by KOHR and Luxe Hardware are the latest collections and are focused for the London market.


KOHR means ‘home’ in Pushto (a regional language), and even though KOHR is unique and contemporary in design and influence, it is home where they are created. Pakistan and its surrounding regions are home to the most densely populated reserves of many precious and semi-precious gemstones and metals actively supplying much more to the world, but always remaining in the background “It is worth mentioning that Pakistan’s export of gems and jewellery rose from US $1.5 million in 2001 to US $289 million in 2009”


Despite Pakistan being a major source of textiles and fabrics for the international market, Arsalan A. Khan doesn’t see why it can’t be another Portugal for luxury furniture manufacturing and he isn’t wrong – The Trade Relating Technical Assistance report states, “Pakistan’s furniture industry is exporting millions worth of mainly wooden furniture representing four main styles, namely antique reproduction, Mughal, modern (Italian), and oriental styles. Pakistan exports to a large number of countries, of which Italy, USA, Canada, Japan, Saudi-Arabia, the UAE, Germany and Spain are some of the biggest buyers.” and another recent report states that “exports to Italy, France, USA were around 55% of total exports in 2016.”


Before Allure and Luxe, KOHR celebrated the Geometrics and Organics line along with the Soho and New York City collection. By exhibiting at the Clerkenwell Design Week, KOHR aims to increase awareness of the unique identity of its contemporary designs as well as display the incomparable quality of its raw materials. Arsalan Ahmed Khan’s stance on his current endeavours is “KOHR is striving to change luxury manufacturing in Pakistan”. The tools, resources and platform exist for Pakistan to reinvent itself in the international market.

KOHR has previously showcased in Milan, Paris and London. KOHR has been curated at Decorex and the House and Garden Festival by the interior Style Hunter and Pink House.

This is a guest feature in collaboration with KOHR

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