Know it Right: 5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Textile for your Furniture
Guest Blogger | January 15, 2018


When choosing for furniture, we rarely pay attention to the type of textile our furniture has. Usually, we tend to think about what colour to pick. Indeed, choosing the colour you want is essential, but there are other considerations that you need to keep in mind.

As such, it is important that you consider your new furniture as an investment. You need to make sure you meet your practical needs when you go to a home furniture centre. After all, your furniture is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for functionality.

For you to choose the perfect textile for your furniture, you need to follow the tips below. 

Choose Textiles that will Last Long

The factors of durability of your furniture will depend on what piece of furniture you will choose as well as its function. The people who will be using the furniture is also an essential consideration, such as if there are pets or children in your home.

The most durable furniture fabrics are those that come from a sturdy material. If you mean it to last long, you should choose those types. Choose those fabrics with tight weaves and high thread counts.

If there are pets in your home, you need to consider buying a microfibre fabric because they withstand scratch and scrape from our pets.

Go for a Nice Style


A furniture fabric with a beautiful style can create a wonderful theme in a living space. For instance, choose silk if your room has a traditional, elegant style. A camelback or an English sofa can make do with a conventional textile such as damask.

If you have a modern room, on the other hand, you can choose linen because it gives a casual look to the style of a room. Just keep in mind this simple formula: traditional fabrics for classic styles in a room and modern fabrics for contemporary room styles.

Still, the creative factor is solely in your hands. You can choose bold furniture styles by mixing contrasting elements. If this suits your character, you can always go for it.



Fabric colour renders a powerful effect on your room in a lot of ways. For instance, colours in a modern style can create an urban and innovative vibe when you use it on traditional furniture. Light-coloured fabrics, on the other hand, can create an illusion of a spacious room.

You have to think about the mood or atmosphere that you want to create for your room in choosing the colour of furniture fabric. Whether you want simple or dramatic colours, it needs to coincide with the atmosphere you plan to create.

For you to create a complementing or contrasting colour of fabric, you can always pair it up with the colour of mats or pillows. You can go for different colour accents according to the mood of the area.

Think about the Patterns


Go for fabric patterns that will highlight the shape of your furniture. For example, geometric lines or stripes would complement modern, straight-lined chairs best, creating a broader or taller look.

However, sofas or ottomans with round edges would look best in tribal or floral prints, providing coziness and vibrancy in the room. You also need to consider the size of the room when choosing the fabric patterns.

Usually, bold patterns fit best in huge, spacious rooms while miniature prints fit well in small spaces. If you go for mixing-and-matching, make sure to use the most complicated patterns as accents and then work in simpler patterns to create a balance.

Go for Easy-to-Maintain Furniture Textiles


Dirt, dust, and friction from the using your furniture are sure to ruin its look and quality. That is why you need to retain its newness and prolong its life as far as possible with maintenance. For the job to be easier, you need to choose textiles that are easy-to-maintain.

Choose a furniture textiles that are easy to clean using a vacuum. Or you can also go for washable fabrics to make the maintenance easier to do. Most of the washable textiles nowadays come with a cleaning process on their labels when you buy them.


Choosing the perfect textile for your furniture is essential because it can have a positive impact on the furniture style and durability. Therefore, you need to know of the tips mentioned above to buy the right textile for your furniture. You can look for furniture that has high-quality textiles in sites like Focus on Furniture.

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