International Women’s Day – Proud To Be A Woman!
Musheer Khan | March 8, 2015

Women are changing lives, one step at a time. ‘The spirit of a woman can never be broken’; a saying we absolutely love. With inspiring lives of women like Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Beyonce, Ellen Johnson and many more, we learn to stay true to ourselves. Women, who inspire change internationally, nationally or even locally are outstanding and should be celebrated because they live by examples and become trailblazers. So, we at Treniq decided what better way to celebrate womanhood than to introduce you – our lovely readers – to the lives of inspiring females ruling the world of entrepreneurship. What is entrepreneurship, you ask? In the words of Sheetal Sachdev, Founder at Treniq another woman entrepreneur who has put her mind to making it big – “An entrepreneur is someone who swims upstream and doesn’t take no for an answer.” This certainly applies to the wonderful women we are going to introduce to you today.

Our designers put their heart and soul in their designs. They reflect themselves in their work. There is a saying that ‘you are what you eat’; in designing, we can translate that as “you are what you design!”. So, here’s a peek into the lives of our designers who will leave you inspired to pursue your own dreams with an unquenchable fervor for success.

Reeta Gyamlani, Founder at Farrago Design


She originally came from a Management and Economics background but found her love for designing while studying at Pratt institute and became the guiding force behind ‘Farrago Designs’. Her journey from Mumbai to New York is eminent in her designs – a unique eastern perspective blending with her western aesthetics. Deeply embedded in to the local communities in India, Reeta works one on one with local craftspeople to infuse quality and life into all Farrago designs – making them a truly global creation!



Hagit Pincovici, Founder of her brand Hagit Pincovici


A little girl from Tel Aviv, Israel, raised by two creative generations – Hagit Pincovici pursued her dreams of becoming a designer-entrepreneur. Since winning a scholarship for upstanding achievements for her designs from the American-Israel Cultural Foundation, Hagit graduated with a bachelor’s degree and served as the director of design department for ‘Aqua Creations LTD’ for two years. Today, collaborating with major Italian companies like ‘Colè’ and ‘Miniforms’, her work is being featured in acclaimed industry-related publications such as ‘Frame’, ‘ElleDecor’, ‘Abitare’, ‘Interni’. ‘Domus’ and ‘Forbes’.



Joanna Matyjaszczuk, Founder at Gurasu

For Joanna, a great design encompasses a love of her surroundings and the magical and timeless appeal of a natural product. This interesting juxtaposition of her influences has led to a elegant and fully informed style which is the core element behind her company – Gurasu. Her brand was born out of her passion to bring fine and unique crystals from the best European artisans to a wider audience. It was this challenge which led Joanna to develop the idea and eventually pen her stunning crystal collection. For her, crystals represented her childhood and her homeland – something she wished to share through her designs and brand.


Kate Noakes, Founder of her brand Kate Noakes

For her, a good design will be great if it has a functional aesthetic; we cannot agree more with this! Inspired from 18th Century paintings, industrial designs and architecture, Kate draws inspiration from the past while creating designs for the present. Using sustainable wood, she fulfills her environmental responsibilities by breathing life into a piece of wood to create spectacular furniture that instantly injects elegance and charm in the home. Indulge in her designs here.



Today is International Women’s Day and a great time to celebrate the achievements of those of us who possess the Y chromosome. Here’s wishing all our readers a Happy Women’s Day! As Beyoncè once wisely put it, “Who runs the world? Girls!”.


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