Innovation in Shapes: A Mood Board
treniqblog | February 28, 2019

Boring is a thing of the past. In the trending charts of the day, quirky shapes are an easy pick for many designers for how easily they can transform a space. We love breaking rules and questioning conventions and quirky and unusual shapes are a celebration of this independence to love something that is unlike the usual and flawed in a beautiful way.

Many designers restrict their need to incorporate such shapes to quirky accessories and decor pieces. So here is our collection of fun shapes across categories because why stop at one or two when you can have the whole deal!


Reshaped chairs to suit ergonomic needs or simply for fun, there is something absolutely jaw-dropping about furniture in shapes that they are not meant to be in.

Yes, you heard us right! Innovative lighting takes on a fresh spin to create a whole new world of designs and shapes that are mind blowing and crazy all at once.

We love how decor is so easy to twist up and incorporate. Fun decor pieces are indeed the easiest way to bring home the quirk!  

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