Industrial Home Decor Trend : The Next Big Thing
treniqblog | May 22, 2018

A lot of people wonder what exactly is the industrial decor trend. Does luxury go hand in hand with raw, utilitarian aesthetics? Turns out it can. The look has been hailed as new generation and innovative in reference to its versatility in standing out while still seamlessly blending into all types of decor styles. 2018’s hottest decor trends listed industrial designs as an essential part of the year’s decor choices.

So what is industrial decor? The decor trend is a liberating style that embraces cracks, peeling paint and imperfections. Rustic elements in their raw look which were, in earlier days, always masked, are what make for this trend. This fast growing trend is catching on and has already reached restaurants and hotels and has slowly begun finding it’s way into homes.

We have put together three simple ways to bring this stunning trend home.


Tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves or stands, you name it and the style can deliver it. Think of rough wooden or metal surfaces displayed in their skeletal rawness without being masked by aesthetic add ons and you have for yourself, the perfect industrial themed furniture.

Industrial lighting is the fastest trend to have picked up in current day. Industrial lighting is easy to accommodate and a rather simple way to bring home the design without overcrowding your space. From chandeliers, pendant lamps, ceiling and wall lamps to table lamps, floor lamps and outdoor lamps, the trend suits all types.


The industrial trend has found its way into the decor and accessory space as well and we can’t have enough! From table accessories, clocks, doors, door knobs, mirrors, coasters, vases to candle stands the trend can give every item a rustic and raw feel.

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