Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You To Go For The Gold
treniqblog | March 28, 2018

Golden were the thrones of the royalty and so were their crowns and tiaras. If you needed anything to spell opulence, gold was your go-to hue. Since time immemorial the richness of the metal is connected to the flamboyance of the shade and thus bulky chandeliers and ornate furnitures began featuring copious amounts of the shade to appear rich and regal.


Fast forward to a few decades post the Victorian era’s obsession with gold, the recent years have seen the hue make a comeback. However, the grandiose has been replaced with subtle hints to ensure that the luxuriant designs now look minimalist and classy.

Regardless of the transition, gold is a hue everybody can easily fall in love with in varying proportions. It is that single shade that can appear rich, classy, versatile and absolutely functional depending on the amount used.

But if you do not think so, you definitely need to have a look at what we have put together below.

Thrones..err, Seating


Modern seating is all about neat finishes and comfort. But when this functionality meets the opulent Victorian design, these stunning pieces are born. These sofas and armchairs are comfortable yet regal and elegant and are sure to add a touch of opulence in your living room effortlessly.

Royal Tables


If you do not want to go out with the seating, you can even think of adding elements of gold in the form of side tables or consoles. These understated designs can effectively add a pop of gold without being too much.

Opulent Lighting


Back in the day, opulence meant bulky chandeliers but today people are adopting sleeker designs in rich gold to bring about the sense of opulence without being too gaudy.

Deluxe Decor


The easiest way to bring home golden hues is by looking at small and functional decor pieces that double up as statement pieces that make a room come together and look elegant.

Bejewelled Bar Units


Playing a host and want to make an everlasting impression? Look no further, these bar units with golden accents are functional, stylish classy and outright memorable. This is splendour at its best.


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