How to Achieve Online Success
treniqblog | February 9, 2018

If your aim is to see your products fly off the shelf even faster than hot pancakes, then there are a few things you must know. Every seller is aware of the presence of these factors in connection to their brands but most of them do not optimise these channels to achieve business success.

Fear not, though, for we have a list of factors you have probably been overlooking but it’s never too late and now is the time to get kicking and succeeding.

  1. Sell your brand, your products will sell too

Create a brand presence and make your brand name one that is synonymous with trust and quality. How will you achieve this? Market your brand across digital media channels in a memorable fashion and announce to potential customers where they can find your products. Engage your audience in a conversation and keep them up to date with your activities. 

Example: Our beautiful rugs will sweep you off your feet, just not literally. Find them on Treniq!

On Treniq, our digital media experts pick out brands on a weekly basis to market them across various channels. This is a golden opportunity for you to market to a larger audience without much effort.

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  1. Perfect timing is everything

You did a great job of marketing and engaging with the relevant audience on social media and you garnered a small following. From this list, say Kate, wants to buy your products on Treniq. You received an enquiry from Kate but you were not being proactive and you simply took your own sweet time, or worse still, you never responded to her. Kate will be very disappointed. Kate will never buy your products no matter how amazing they are. Kate will also tell 20 of her friends who will further tell another 20. All it takes is one rotten apple to spoil the rest.

The ideal time to respond to an enquiry is 48 hours. This is a good window for you to evaluate and connect with potential buyers. A speedy response will ensure a good customer experience which will further increase your brand value.

  1.  You are the brand so get proactive

You can simply log in to your Treniq account and connect with potential buyers using the myConnections feature in the seller dashboard. Connect with buyers on Treniq and share your brand information with them to make your clientele aware of your brand and its contents. This is a proactive step you can take to increase the views on your products. We have a list of tools that can help you achieve business exposure faster and more reliably.

If you would like to learn more or schedule a consultation you can get in touch with us at or book a meeting.

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