Hot Decor Trends to Look Out for in 2018
treniqblog | January 4, 2018

Every home deserves a new look that matches the season and the modern trends. When Pantone announced the colour of 2018, we at Treniq put together tips on how to incorporate ultra violet, the colour of the year, in your decor, for you. With the latest decor trends touting the internet, we have now curated a list of these trends that are going to see us through to the end of 2018. Here are the hot and happening decor ideas for 2018 that experts believe will be the ruling points of the year!

Moody Palettes


This is a refreshingly new trend making its debut into the decor world. Moody palettes are vivacious and help incorporate your personality into your decor. Prussian blues, marsala, teal and turquoise are just a few colours that are great examples of moody hues you can use to pepper your decor and to give it a personality, add drama and a lot more chutzpah.

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Pastels and Neutrals


There is a lot of talk about pastels leaving the decor world for good. But that is not entirely true. Yes, we are done with the pastel on pastel trend, but pastels, by themselves, are going to stay all year long to add a soft zing to the neutrals. Did we tell you that neutrals are here to stay as well? That’s right, we can’t stop loving the clean look of this trend.

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Jewel Tones


Accessories in jewel tones were a no-no only a few years ago but thankfully the trend is back and hopefully here to stay. When included sparsely, they add a rather characteristic regal feel to an entire room, bringing the whole look together. It could be a bulky chandelier, a lamp or small table top accessories in hues of copper, silver or gold against a subdued backdrop. But rest assured, when done correctly, this trend is nothing short of glamourous.

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Artsy and Geometric


There needs to be elements of fun and quirk in the decor to spruce things up a little. This years theme aims to bring in artsy and geometric in limited proportions such that they attract without overpowering. A geometric rug here or a dramatic painting there will only amp the look of a cleanly finished room. You can even go as bold as throwing in a heavily printed armchair in a neutrally done room, just for a casual jaw drop effect.

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Floor Patterns and Rugs


Comfort and style are the two things we are not prepared to compromise on this year and so the usually neglected floors are about to get a makeover this time around. Stunning textures and great designs are making an entry into the decor world and are going to be considered serious additions to the look of a room. Geometric patterns are making a massive comeback too and are a great way to embrace classy and minimalist styles.

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Forest Green


We are not done romancing the colour of 2017 and so green is going to find a place in our homes in 2018 too! Just that this time, experts prefer you limit the greens to plants and bring them indoors. That is correct! The year is going to be all about turning to natural hues and textures so why leave the plants outside? Quirky planters and panels with lush fauna is going to be the order of the year. Are you prepared for a breath of fresh air?

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