Holiday Guide : Are You Hosting?
treniqblog | December 27, 2018

The festive season is upon us and the air is infectious with joy, love and laughter. With the festivities in full swing, we are sure to have ample parties, dinners and events to attend. Are you the host for a few of them? We know how stressful it is to get a party rolling and to make it fun, unique and entertaining is a task by itself.

The most important thing is to make your home party ready and most people would agree, no matter how much you prep, you are never entirely ready to host. But we have put together a small list just so you know how easy it actually is. Instead of focussing on multiple things, here are 3 most important ways to keep your guests happy and you less overworked.

The first and foremost thing is to get the bar up and running. As soon as guests arrive the first thing you handover is probably a glass of wine, so make sure your bar cabinet is the cynosure of your living room. To add to this element the few things you need to make sure you have a large supply of is glassware. It helps to have add-onstre such as drinks trolleys, ice buckets, drip savers, coasters and so on.

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Serve It Right

The second most important part of the party is the food. Your dining table must look warm, fun and inviting all at once. To nail this look take a look at the collection of tableware, serving ware, placemats, coasters, napkin holders and all the tiny knicks knacks that make for a comfortable meal.

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Make it Feel Right

Once the guests have tucked into a hearty meal and are a few glasses of wine down, you want to start ensuring they are comfortable. The sign of a great party is when people don’t feel the rush to leave. Make sure your guests are warm and comfortable all through the night. From our armchairs to footrests, cushions, rugs, throws and even fireplaces, you have plenty of ways to make your home the ultimate comfort zone.

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