Fittings for Living: 5 Apartment Furniture Ideas for First-Time Movers
Guest Blogger | July 11, 2018

Providing your first apartment some useful furniture is an adventure that can be challenging to achieve. Whether you have a spacious room, living with a roommate, or have a small unit all to yourself, there are countless, space-saving furniture ideas to make your new apartment feel and look great.

However, with the right priorities and measurements, you can create together a living space that you can call your home. Below are some furniture ideas to make your first apartment comfortable and great.


Pick Needed Measurements

It’s always essential to know how much space you can consume when planning to buy a piece of furniture. It ensures that you can purchase apartment furniture that will serve you well without wasting some of the available space.

Hence, don’t wait until your schedule of moving to get the dimensions of your apartment. You can communicate with your landlord or property management team ahead of time to get the measurements details you need. Having the information ahead of time means you can have a solid idea for your shopping and get prepared for your move-in day.

For instance, if your bedroom is 12 feet by 14 feet, then you will know that the king size bed won’t be an excellent choice to pick.


Opt for Multifunctional

Apartments or small studios can benefit from a piece of furniture that’s multifunctional. Well, multipurpose furniture comes in various styles and choices so you can find fittings for small spaces that will look perfect for you.

Thus, trunks or storage seat can make superb coffee tables and provide a lot of extra space for storage. You can throw a pillow on top, and it will instantly become an extra seating if needed as well. Also, you can place trunks at the edge of the bed for a pillow blanket, or additional bedding storage. When in the bedroom, they can also become a great sitting place when putting shoes on.

On the other hand, day beds or futons don’t only make cozy couches, but also convert your living space into a bed for guests for overnight visitors. As well, a convertible sofa works well too and usually has a cushion that lifts up, offering extra storage below to store the bedding, pillows, or blankets for visitor use.

Go Beyond Expandable

Another way to get your ideal apartment furniture is to consider those expandable ones since these type of furnishings are incredibly convenient in small spaces.

For example, if your living room is limited, there are expandable pieces that can be a table with two comfortable seats and, and at the same time, it can offer you with more seating area while the table stays intact.


You can use a visual trick to create an illusion of having a bigger space. Spacing, lighting, and furniture placements can all make your rooms appear a lot bigger than they are actually.

To achieve the trick, you will need to hang mirrors on opposite side of windows to create a more open, outside space look. Indeed, it makes the room appear more extensive and airier. Especially if you have a great outdoor view, it’s a big bonus, even a few tall trees or the open sky helps to free up the room with this kind of trick.

Personalize on Colors


Some apartments, particularly if they’re for rentals, have a neutral colors designs. But if your landlord won’t allow you to repaint, it’s up to your decor and furniture to incorporate a personal style on your space.

Commonly, black, grey, dark brown, and cream white are some of the ideal bets for high-style fittings that don’t conflict with apartment colors. Consequently, when you do an initial walk-through on your first apartment, make sure to take photos of every room. These photos will help you a lot to match furniture with the wall and carpet color as you shop.


Probably one of the most challenging parts of decorating an apartment is choosing the ideal furniture. With a wide range of furniture choices available, selecting for the best one can be a tough task.

However, you can achieve your ideal furniture decoration using those ideas mentioned above. What’s more, you can visit and other online sites to gather more apartment ideas that will suit your living and lifestyle.

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