Feng Shui Tips For A Perfect Home
Guest Blogger | July 18, 2018

After a hectic routine, coming home to relax in a soothing place isn’t something surprising. After all, who doesn’t enjoy unwinding in their favorite place after a long day? It’s even more worthwhile if your home is the perfect place for relaxation and mindfulness.

Not sure how to transform your place of living into a perfect home?

Try the Feng shui method!

Feng shui is a pseudoscience that focuses on the flow of energy through a certain arrangement and orientation in a surrounding space. This concept has been around for centuries. It’s unlikely that one can instill all the Feng shui laws but you can start off with a few concepts at least in your home to enhance the positive flow of energy.

While there are various resources that provide guidelines on beautifying the interior of your home, we’re presenting seven of the effective tips that will help you incorporate Feng shui at home within your décor.

They don’t involve extreme changes either! When you’re looking for a new home, you should have a good selection of apartments to choose from. Once you’re done with your apartment search, it’s time to dig deeper into some tips that boost relaxation:

Choose The Right Colors


Upon researching Feng shui, you may have come across many articles saying that particular colors should be kept in one portion of the home. The color itself is actually not as crucial as the emotions it brings up in you.

If the color is faded, old and worn-out, it will make you feel the same way. The same color, freshly painted, bright and clean will help you feel energetic throughout the day.

Know That The Statement Piece Go Up High

A piece that is attractive or interesting should be placed higher above the rest of the room. This could be a work of art or some kind of lighting. This attracts the eye to look up which is said to be a trick to lift one’s mood.

If doing something like this doesn’t make sense in your space, you can even paint your ceiling with a comforting color or place window treatments near the ceiling.

Clear The Clutter

This may sound easy but is actually one of the most difficult tips to incorporate. As we become more caught up in our lives, our clutter keeps increasing. We need to keep a check on those areas to make sure they’re clear. This isn’t merely a tip; it’s actually very central to the idea of Feng shui to remove worn out and old energy from our homes to allow fresh positive vibes to enter and stay.

Create An Intimate Setting In The Living Room

There’s no rule set in stone about having a particular number of sofas or other seating items but Feng shui does hold the idea to encourage people to converse and improve relationships by arranging the furniture accordingly.

For larger rooms, you can set up the furniture in small groups. For smaller rooms, such an arrangement is already encouraged. A vital part of this is remembering to place a surface nearby each seat so that the person sitting can easily put down whatever they’re holding such as a glass or a book, and converse easily.

All spaces should receive light because light activates and sets energy in motion. The dark, however, isn’t something that’s encouraged. Keeping plenty of lamps around the corners will encourage the flow of active energy all around your home. This will also ensure that you stay active and energetic throughout the day.

When the time comes to dim the lights and go to sleep, your body will get the bedtime signal much more easily. This way, you’ll be able to fall asleep much more quickly, and stay in a restful state right up to the moment you wake up!

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to have a waterfall and rock garden to get the Feng shui feel. You can, however, consider the actual use of each and every room, and then, decorate it according to what best fulfills that purpose.

This is truly an effective way of creating a harmonious effect on the environment. For instance, in a bedroom, you would want a serene, peaceful atmosphere (unlike an office space where you’d want an active feeling that makes you want to get to work!)

A large window placed opposite a door will, according to Feng shui, push the energy from the door completely out of the room. To prevent that, and to maintain the energy flow in the space, you can use objects that will retain the energy in the room.

Drapes and blinds are a suitable option but for people who enjoy the view or want the sunlight to enter the room from the window, they can simply place a lovely potted plant or any other object (that doesn’t obscure the entire window) in front of it.

While trying to implement, the results of Feng shui are extremely rewarding. These rewards usually come in the form of mental peace and relaxation. After incorporating these seven tips of the Feng shui system, you can move on to even greater heights of the concept. These basics, however, are a good start for now!

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