Featured Project: Callender Howorth – Open-Plan Living: Divide and Conquer
Guest Blogger | September 27, 2016

Treniq continues to keep the promise to share with you outstanding interior projects to keep  you inspired and in sync with the latest trends in the world of interiors. This week Callender Howorth Interiors, London, shares with us the basic rules of an open-plan living and two of their latest projects which apply these rules to create awe-inspiring interior spaces.

Over the last few years, the trend for open-plan living has surged in popularity. What was once the lifestyle choice of those who couldn’t yet afford the ‘luxury’ of walls, and the privacy they bring, has now become a favoured and fashionable way for the best interior designers to style a home, with penthouse apartments popping up in renovated warehouses as commonly as they do on the top floor of skyscrapers. In short, concerning modern living, the preference of open-plan living is not divisive – and understandably so.




Maintain Privacy

Nevertheless, with this preference of opening up comes the troublesome issue of creating private areas in otherwise spacious and sweeping living quarters. Open-plan living designs often champion a minimalist feel – with a striking impact – but the practicalities of everyday life require a careful consideration of how best to utilise the open-plan layout. For example, a sit down meal alongside a yet-to-be made bed or airing laundry doesn’t quite create the ideal dinner party ambience.

Furniture, Not Partitions.

The key is to take large open-plan spaces and create sections that represent different rooms. With expertly chosen and cleverly placed pieces of furniture, any amount of open space can be effortlessly divided into a workable living arrangement. Look for storage cabinets, open shelving and folding screens to evoke feelings of privacy, while one statement piece of artwork can be all it takes to separate the television in the corner from the bed opposite.

Floors and Walls

When it comes to the base features, keep floors consistent: the days of needing to separate the kitchen from the living room with lino flooring are long gone. Instead, opt for an L-shaped sofa to differentiate between the two. Walls may be painted in different shades, but a simple white really is the most impactful. For an input of colour, refer back to the carefully chosen furniture, but make sure to choose colours within the same palette. For contemporary-style open-plan living, less is more.

The Old Exchange Building


One fine example is the old Exchange building in London’s Shoreditch – an open space that recently benefitted from the interior design services of Callender Howorth. The brief on this project called for a home that felt like a “New York loft” – the epitome of open-plan living. Here, open brickwork, bold art, white walls and simplistic fittings were used to make the most of the large spaces, high ceilings and natural light. Glass partitions evoke feelings of privacy but maintain the flow of light throughout.

The Swiss Chalet Project


The importance of light is clear in another of Callender Howorth’s projects: a modern chalet in Villars, Switzerland, where the interior design beautifully complements the floor to ceiling windows, wooden finish and expansive open-plan space. This was achieved by choosing furniture in creamy tones, perfect in the natural daylight, with darker pieces employed in order to separate one living space from the next.

From London to Switzerland, the same rules apply when it comes to conquering the art of living in an open space. Divide subtly or divide opinion.

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