Elegant Kitchens in 5 Easy Ways
Guest Blogger | November 5, 2018

While people spend thousands on most impeccable style and design, one that they often overlook are the kitchens. If you want to make sure that your kitchen is functional as well as elegant to look at. Here are five ways through which you can completely change the look of your kitchen without splurging big bucks.


The best way to change the look of anything is to change its colour. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to change the decor of your kitchen, then a colour change is your answer. According to numerous studies, lighter colours are known to instantly brighten up any space.

Free as much space as you can in the kitchen by getting rid of unnecessary stuff. Put all the important stuff in the pantry cupboards and only put essential stuff on countertops. Once you declutter your kitchen, you will realize how much better it looks now that you can see all aspects of it.


Over the years, cabinets bear the most brunt and give a true inking about how old the kitchen is. A good budget can completely replace your cabinet doors with new ones. You can even customize and install your own cabinets. This costs much less than a complete remodelling of your kitchens.

Another option would be to forego doors completely and create an open shelf. You can put your best china on display along with cute pieces for your condiments and spices. If replacing the doors completely is not an option, then you can sand the old doors to make them look new again.

Add fun ornaments for a kitschy look

To add a fun look to your kitchen you can go crazy with decorating it with cute little pieces. That will make sure no one looking at the dents in your cabinet or blemishes on your walls. However, they are mesmerized by your adorable salt and pepper holders. This is a fun way to decorate your kitchen by finding great pieces at affordable prices.

You can even put your china out in display on open cabinets to show them off. However, this is not just about ornaments as you can even add paintings and rugs to the kitchen. If your kitchen consists of monochromatic colours, then you can hang sceneries and little ornaments to add a pop of colours to the kitchen.


Bad lighting can ruin even the most perfect of spaces. It doesn’t matter how beautifully designed a room is, if the lighting is bad then all the flaws will be highlighted and come out in full play.

Spaces, where light fixtures are needed, include a nook above the sink, tables and islands. Lighting ensures that you have ample light while you are cooking. The badly lit kitchens are not only a visual eyesore but also a dangerous hazard while cooking.

Get rid of the clutter

Decluttering your kitchen means getting rid of all that stuff that serves no real value to the kitchen. Appliances do not need to be kept in the open and should be delegated to drawers and cabinets.  If your appliances are bulky and outdated,  replace them with newer versions, so if you have the budget for that.

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