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Guest Blogger | December 18, 2017

Maison Valentina has expanded the KOI Collection and also has new novelties such as bathtubs and washbasins. There is a mirror that turns the bathroom into a beautiful space and a luxurious puff which is all made with the finest materials like brass and marble. The brand has also interviewed the designer João Matias in order to better understand the creative process behind the new pieces and why the KOI Collection has been expanded.

So check out the interview and the new amazing pieces!

Can you describe the creative process behind the new pieces?

João Matias : The creative process is all based on the concept of the brand and its identity. Our main focus was to escape cross-designing that has been done in the past using other brand’s style pieces but at the same time we were trying not to escape the Maison Valentina identity and its luxurious authenticity.

Which is the piece that, for you, stands out the most? Why?

João Matias : It would be the Petra washbasin. Because it is a bold product that does not fall far from the brand’s language. It is possible to see our material that is an identity of the brand which goes along with our client’s expectations.


What materials were used in this collection?

João Matias : Besides the materials we have shapes, the shape potentiates the raw material. In this case we used the famous and ostentatious marble, which is
partly worked on by hand. Then we made use of the Victorian forms of timeless ornaments. We used several colours on the Victorian forms, although, for the Petra washbasin we have used black in varying shades of brightness.

There are a lot of new pieces in the KOI Collection. Did you feel that the KOI Collection was incomplete? Is that why you chose to expand KOI instead of  the others?

João Matias : I think most collections are not yet complete and we are working on this. The brand is recent and we haven’t had enough time to close each collection from start to finish. Our goal is for each product line to have its own complete set that will imagine an entire bathroom environment and in this case we have started with the KOI Collection.

What questions have you asked yourself while designing the pieces? What
information was the most important?

João Matias : Understanding the position of the brand and its target. Always keeping in mind that only something new and unique can attract the attention of the public.

What pieces are you most proud of in this collection? Why?

João Matias : It is a bit subjective. We feel proud of our entire collection otherwise we would not and should not present them.

Some of the beautiful pieces from the collection have been listed below.

Petra Bathtub

This bathtub combines Ibiza marble and wood. It was inspired by the ancient city of Petra where buildings were directly carved out of stone cliffs. The black glossy look of the wood matches the different shades of white, turning this piece into an everlasting visual experience fit for most luxurious bathrooms.

Petra Washbasin

The molten marble look of this item takes us directly to the city of Petra where buildings were carved directly out of stone cliffs. By adding this washbasin to your bathroom rest assured that you have created a luxurious and exquisite environment.

Tortoise Washbasin

For centuries, a tortoise’s outer shell was inspiration for different pieces and was highly appreciated for its decorative look. The beautiful pattern and colour makes this product unique. Black, grey and hues of golden result in a marvelous piece creating a contrast with the golden tap and black legs. The piece can help  create a better ambience.

KOI Mirror

The Koi mirror shape resembles a family crest where the design is derived from two carp scales. This format is inspired by a carp which is an important symbol in the Japanese culture. The elegance of this mirror shines through with gold being its major colour. It is a very versatile piece that can add luxury and  a contemporary touch.

KOI Soap Dish

Just like the remaining Koi collection products, Koi soap dish gets its inspiration from the carp and its representation in the Japanese culture. Represented by two scales, this piece stands out for its golden hue and contemporary design. Put simply, Koi soap dish was created to make you feel a little more luxurious every day.

KOI Towel Ring

Trneiq december

Inspired by the Japanese carp, this piece radiate its golden colour and gorgeous  design. The Koi towel ring has been conceptualised for the Japanese Koi collection. Represented by three carp scales, this beautiful item finds a place in most luxury bathroom designs.

Ella Puff


Ella is inspired by the culture of ancient Greece. Its soft and velvety touch combined with the black luxurious colour makes the Ella Puff a one of a kind piece.  It is not surprising that this puff helps you relax and unwind in an elegant environment.

About Maison Valentina

MAISON VALENTINA is a new luxury bathroom brand that has created a collection capable of making your projects come to life with high-end solutions for bathtubs, washbasins, free-standing washbasins, mirrors, lighting, case goods and other products made with the finest selection of materials such as brass, marble, wood and glass. All this is combined with rare handwork techniques with the vision of a contemporary design. Our main goal is to create for you the same comfort and luxury in the bathroom, that you are able feel in other areas of your house. We are making sure that with comfort we also create exclusive design and bold pieces.

Get inspired with our luxury bathroom ideas for your modern home!

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