Designer’s Atelier: Kaleidoscope Spring & Summer Collection
treniqblog | May 22, 2017

The Kaleidoscope Collection, exclusively created for Designer’s Atelier by Ewelina Mlynarek, is intuitive, radical and dynamic. Inspired by Dame Zaha Hadid’s parabolic shapes which became a trademark of her aesthetic, Ewelina playfully uses complex patterns and vivid colours reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope Velvet Cushion Summer
Kaleidoscope Velvet Cushion Spring

Invented by a prolific Scottish physicist and the father of experimental optics, Sir David Brewster, the kaleidoscope finds its roots in Greek as well as the Indo-European words meaning “beautiful form to see”. Sir David Brewster received several honorary degrees and even counted Queen Victoria among his fans. Initially intended as a scientific tool, the kaleidoscope proved to be a huge success as a toy, resulting in 200,000 pieces being sold in London and Paris in just three months.

Kaleidoscope Desert Plate Spring
Kaleidoscope Desert Plate Summer

Designer’s Atelier’s collection consisting of Ewelina’s kaleidoscopic imagery creates a visually stunning impact that blurs the lines between art and design, drawing viewers into a psychedelic wonderland. Arousing one’s curiosity, a collaboration between a philosophy design practice and this upcoming textile designer. This provides a glimpse into another world of strangeness and newness, translating the continuous fluidity of unusual patterns into sculptural sensuality.

Kaleidoscope Velvet Summer Fabric
Kaleidoscope Linen Spring Fabric

The exclusive spring – summer collection of upholstery fabrics, velvet cushions, wallpapers, 100% silk scarves, dinnerware and artwork is printed in the United Kingdom using the finest materials.

Kaleidoscope Pyramid Spring
Kaleidoscope Artwork Summer

About Designer’s Atelier

You see people uncomfortable in their skin, in their clothes, and in their houses. What does it mean to feel ‘at home’? In which way is home connected to our personality, to our needs, growth and to issues of safety and security?

With a background in History and Philosophy Dagmar Holub set up Designer’s Atelier in 2008 as she wanted to help clients reflect and articulate who they are so they could create a home that is personal and very much an extension of themselves. Designer’s Atelier does not provide a prescription or ‘How to..’ manual but rather prepares clients for a journey that uncovers who they are beneath the clutter of everyday life.


Meet the Designer

Ewelina Mlynarek is a creatively unrestricted textile designer with a fashion textile degree from the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester where she specialised in digital print. Her love for Alexander McQueen’s creativity resulted in an internship at his studios where she was noticed for her bespoke fabric hand dying. Ewelina’s quest for unique expression always starts with extensive research before any experiments with patterns and shapes take place. She is driven by curiosity and as an artist she can never predict the final outcome while she plays within the design process.


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