Designer Spotlight : 6 Interior Designers on Treniq You Must Know
treniqblog | January 19, 2018

Have you ever wondered what the design world would have been like if it did not have interior designers? There did exist a time when interior designers were only sought by those who were assumed to be pompous and extravagant.This has changed over time and people are now realising how important it is to alter their homes to suit their style and personality. Home is the one place where we unwind and relax. A designer has the capability to make sure that it resonates with our idea of aesthetics. 

Are you an interior designer too?

Interiors have begun to play an important role in the hotel and restaurant industry as well. People are now selective and like to vacation at a place that has taste and appeals to their senses.

We have put down a list of 6 noteworthy interior designers on Treniq and their journey into the world of design.

David Collins Studio

David Collins Studio is an award winning interior architecture practice established in 1985. The globally recognised studio’s expertise includes contemporary luxury and design. The studio has collaborated with eminent brands and business that have sought innovation and functionality.

Barclays Interiors

If unique and timeless interiors are what fascinate you, then look no further. Sarah Barclay founded Barclay Interiors in 1998 and has built up her reputation as a specialist in the interiors service. Sarah has lived in the far east and travelled through many countries and her team draws inspiration from all these places.

Rebecca Hartley Interiors

Rebecca Hartley is a passionate designer who is inspired by practical ideas that she can incorporate in her designing. Rebecca Hartley Interiors is an independent and luxury interior designer based out of South West London. The team comes with a wealth of experience and a unique vision.

Laura Passey Interiors

Laura Passey comes with an incredible amount of experience and a rather fresh outlook on interior designing. After a law career, she decided to join interior design school and has been designing since then. Her style is edgy, contemporary, classic and luxuriously modern.

Barlow & Barlow designs


Siblings Lucy and Max Barlow came together after acquiring their own experience in the design industry to build Barlow & Barlow Designs. The duo works together to bring their dynamic abilities to each and every product. The team’s aim is to hear out a client’s creative idea and then deliver such that the result exceeds their expectations!

Mark Lewis interiors


Mark Lewis Interior Design is an interior design practice based in North London. The team values durability and longevity of the craft over the trends. They are experts in giving classic designs a modern and contemporary twist. It is the little inventions that go a long way in making the design truly come together.

Disclaimer: This selection has been curated by the Treniq team based on the interior designers registered on the platform. This is in no way a form of ranking.

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