Decor Trend Forecast – 2018
Guest Blogger | January 31, 2018

A lot of the trend we see forecast for 2018, harken back to those I forecast in 2016 and 2017.

In fact, the trends I started to write were trends I’d seen forming since 2012 and we will probably see these trends grow and gain leverage well past 2025. Then it hit me, it’s because we’re in a new era. Echo thoughts of Art Nouveau, The Industrial Age and Modernism…we are now in a new era – term yet to be coined.


I believe it is it because we are breaking down old concepts and rebuilding new ones; futureproofing them. We are embracing change, adapting and growing. We are holding people accountable, no longer will we brush taboo ideas under the carpet, or allow preconceptions or stigmatisms to ensue, we are facing them head on. Socio economic trends are infiltrating and permeating through everything from fashion to technology to transport, it really is a great era for creativity; for pushing the boundaries. We are drawing inspiration from the past whilst breaking new ground on an ever changing future

Before I end up writing a dissertation, I have highlighted 5 big trends I have noticed and as the year goes on I will go expand on these ideas.

Intelligent Interfaces


Engineered Nature


Artisanal Appreciation


Just Metallic 


Feel the Green


This guest blog is by Nicole Agba (The Trend Tome).

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